The Humanities CouncilSC  is a statewide nonprofit and the state program of the National Endowment for the Humanities. In 2013, the Council celebrated 40 years of serving South Carolinians.

The Humanities CouncilSC funds, promotes, counsels, and coordinates all manner of thoughtful (and thought-provoking) endeavors—exhibits, documentaries, discussion forums, research, planning, workshops, dramatizations, lectures, and on and on—that pertain to the humanities. The humanities are how we understand ourselves, our world and how we communicate that understanding to others.

Upcoming Events

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Hometown Heroes

Hometown Teams: How Sports Shape America — a traveling Smithsonian exhibit that examines how sports represent our communities and embody the American spirit— begins in South Carolina in February! Don’t miss it!


The Humanities CouncilSC makes several categories of grants available to statewide nonprofit organizations, including major grants, mini and planning grants, and council program grants.

The grants program has always been the foundation of the Council’s public support of the humanities, and we have funded a variety of projects, from major documentaries broadcast on national public television to small-scale genealogies and oral histories at the local level. The Council awarded its first grant in the spring of 1973 and recently has awarded approximately $200,000 a year in grant monies.