Call for Speakers

SC Humanities is issuing a call for speakers to join our Speakers Bureau: Humanities Out Loud program roster. Speakers Bureau: Humanities Out Loud is one of the oldest programs of SC Humanities and one of the most beloved. Through the Speakers Bureau, some of South Carolina’s finest scholars travel throughout the state to share their interests and knowledge of the humanities and to spark discussions about human values, traditions, and cultures.

SC Humanities promotes the Speakers Bureau roster to non-profit groups and public agencies, including libraries, museums, schools, churches, and retirement communities; these sponsoring organizations submit a one-page application to request a speaker. SC Humanities will pay an honorarium of $150 directly to the speaker for an approved program; all other expenses must be negotiated between the speaker and the sponsoring organization.

SC Humanities is seeking speakers who can present thoughtful, engaging public lectures on humanities topics, from American history to literature to culture. (For a full list of humanities disciplines, please see our website: Though SC Humanities is interested in all types of humanities topics, we are particularly interested in finding speakers who can present about the following themes:

1) National and Regional Sports History (the Smithsonian exhibit Hometown Teams will be traveling around the state in 2015)
2) World War I

For more information about being considered to be listed on the Speakers Bureau: Humanities Out Loud roster, please contact T.J. Wallace at 803-771-2477 or There is an application process.