Achieving the Promise: Journalism in SC Public Life

Feb. 12, 5:30-7:00
Panel: “Journalism in S.C. Public Life”
Location: Abney Cultural Center Auditorium. Lander University, Greenwood

This panel probes the current state of journalism and public life through the experience and reflections of veteran members of the media in South Carolina. What are the civic benefits of journalism? What particular challenges does journalism confront? What is to be done? Panelists will help the audience analyze different forms of media and the advantages and disadvantages of types of sources (for understanding policy, societal needs, and reflection upon civic engagement, and the vital place of the media in American democracy.)
Panelists: Mr. Andy Brack (Publisher, SC Statehouse Report), Mr. Andy Shain (Columbia Bureau Chief, The Post and Courier), Mr. Russ McKinney (Reporter, ETV Radio)
Invited: Ms. Seanna Adcox (Assistant Columbia Bureau Chief, The Post and Courier)
Moderator: Dr. Brent Nelsen (Professor of Political Science, Furman University; Chair, SCETV Commission; fmr. board member, Corporation for Public Broadcasting)
Part of the Achieving the Promise programming

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