“Carin Bloom: Not the Most Unhappy of All Creation”

The Horry County Museum presents a first person historical interpretation on Catherine Greene by Carin Bloom on February 4th at 1 PM.  Towards the end of the American War for Independence, Catharine Littlefield Greene takes one more trip to accompany her husband to the front lines of war. Destined for the Continental Army’s camp above the Ashley River, just outside Charleston, Caty makes her way South with one of Nathanael Greene’s letters to her in hand. She had always thought of the war as an exciting adventure, a time of great peril and separation, but also of opportunity and education. She knows her place and her duties as a mother and as an officer’s wife, and she has been known to push the envelope on what is considered “socially acceptable” public behavior. As the war drags on, Catharine grows older, and wiser. Still, despite his best efforts to forewarn her, Nathanael is unsuccessful in preparing his wife for the desolation and destruction she will see – the worst yet – as the war comes to its conclusion. The year is 1782, Caty is headed to an exhausted, sick army encampment with a new wardrobe and a military escort – and she’s worried about exactly what she will find…

Carin Bloom is the Manager of Education and Programming at Historic Charleston Foundation in Charleston, SC. Carin holds an Honors BA, two MAs, and a PhD ABD in Anthropology, all with specializations in Historical Archaeology (specifically Fields of Conflict of the American Revolution). She is an archaeologist and living historian by training, specializing in the public history of the 18th century in America. Carin focuses on lesser-known historical figures; those whose stories have not yet been told extensively still made important contributions. To that end, Carin presents as Catharine Littlefield Greene, wife of General Nathanael Greene of the United States Army. Caty’s story inserts much-needed women’s history into the story of the American War for Independence, as well as brings to light some of the harsh realities of the conflict that are often left out in favor of the triumph and tragedy of great battles won and lost. Carin is delighted to bring humor, sorrow, and inquisitiveness to her presentation, in her interpretation of what Lady Greene might share with an audience, were she alive today.

The program will be held in the Museum’s McCown Auditorium located at 805 Main Street, Conway, SC 29526. For more information, call 843-915-5320 or email hcgmuseum@horrycountysc.gov. For more information about programs for 2023, visit the museum website at www.horrycountymuseum.org.