CSI: Keyboards – The Sole Survivor

In our third installment of the CSI: Keyboards lecture series, Sigal Music Museum will investigate the Johann Ehrlich grand piano, made circa 1815. Ehrlich was born in Jauer, Poland in 1782 and died in Vienna in 1832. Both Ehrlich and his son August were victims of the cholera epidemic. He was survived by his wife Josepha and seven children, none old enough to take up their family work. Reports from Vienna at that time indicate that his pianos were well thought of although he was a small-scale builder, making perhaps 4 or 5 instruments a year. It is estimated that he made about 100 pianos in his lifetime, such that perhaps one or two more will someday surface as survivors. The featured piano is the only known surviving instrument by Ehrlich and is in a state of advanced decay, but retains all of its original elements with no previous restorations.
Guest Presenters: John Watson, Bobby Hartness, Tom Strange, and Allie Cade

When: Sunday, January 24th from 3:00 – 5:00pm 
Cost: Free
Platforms: Facebook Live & Zoom
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