Eclipse Experts Mini-Lectures: “Myth, History, and Science”

Visit the USC flagship campus in the heart of Columbia for a series of short talks from USC faculty and visiting scholars. Learn about the role of eclipses in science and society and how eclipses have factored in myths and legends throughout history. Experts will also speak about the tumultuous sun and share their experiences of past eclipses around the world. Each mini-lecture will be ~30 minutes in length, and presented at a level accessible to a broad public audience.  For more details about location, speakers, and access visit the USC eclipse homepage (

Please join us in Amoco Hall (Swearingen Engineering Center Room #1C01) on Sunday, August 20 at 301 Main Street beginning at 2:00 pm. These mini-lectures are free and open to the public. A complete list of speakers, topics, and times can be found at For more details about location, speakers, and access, visit the USC eclipse homepage (

Parking is available near Swearingen Engineering Center, City of Columbia parking meters are free on Sunday afternoons.