Exploring Omar: Ancestry Unveiled

Tuesday, April 13, at 6:00pm EDT
Exploring Omar: Ancestry Unveiled
Revealing local ancestral connections
Virtual event
Though Omar Ibn Said never wrote about children in his manuscript, he did mention a sibling. Could this mean his ancestral and genealogical connections can be traced to people in Senegal and South Carolina today? In this intriguing conversation, moderator Michael Miller, Charleston County Register of Deeds, calls on panelists—African Ancestry’s co-founder Dr. Gina Paige; Virginia Ellison of the SC Historical Society; Charleston County Public Library’s Marianne Cawley; and Toni Carrier, director of the Center for Family History at the International African American Museum—to discuss the differences between ancestry and genealogy, identify the familial intersections of Senegal and the Lowcountry, and share tools to help us discover our own families’ histories.
Register: https://ticketing.spoletousa.org/4888/4951

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