Food Fads – 1940s through the 1960s – a Chautauqua Virtual event

Presented by Leslie Goddard, Ph.D.


Remember Jell-O salads and cheese sprayed out of a cab? When every pantry held Velveeta and all the kids wanted to drink Tang like the astronauts?  Join historian and author Leslie Goddard for a nostalgic look at the food innovations and marketing approaches that transformed how we ate at midcentury. Using classic cookbooks, advertisements, and family magazines, explore how society and technology shaped American food from the 1940’s through the 1960s.

Leslie Goddard has previously performed for Greenville Chautauqua as Jackie Kennedy, the Hamilton Women, Clara Barton, Alice Paul and Bette Davis.

The event is Free and will feature audience Q & A.

Registration required.

After the event everyone who has registered will receive an email with a link to the presentation that will be available for two weeks only.

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