Front Porch Music in Hopkins

Location: Historic Harriet Barber House, 116 Barberville Loop, Hopkins, SC 29061
John Barber, Jr. at age 96, recalls hearing distant dueling guitars playing the Blues on Friday nights on the porch of Alston’s Cafe’ or the Gorman  Store  in  the  Village  of  Hopkins. As a young boy, Johnny Barber sat with a bunch of Neal cousins’ on their long front porch and sang songs or listened to “cup” music from a Victrola. SERCO will present several musicians on the Front Porch of the Historic Harriet Barber House. Food Vendors will offer Tastes of Lower Richland, and guests will be able to view the Smithsonian Exhibit – CROSSROADS: Changes in Rural America. Exhibit Admission: $4.00 Adults, $2.00 Youth (FREE Parking and Entertainment).

Part of Crossroads: Change in Rural America in Hopkins

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