Rosa Parks-Chautauqua Talk

Tuesday Mar 17 at 7:00pm
Hughes Main Library, 25 Heritage Green Pl, Greenville, SC 29601

Free event and parking

More Info: or 864-244-1499

Join an audience that loves talking back to history to discuss Rosa Parks  – with Teresa Cosby, Furman University Associate Professor of Politics & International Affairs.

Sometimes when the status quo needs to be shaken up, it is necessary to take a stand. Other times, one must courageously take a seat. Rosa Parks is best known for being arrested for sitting in the wrong bus seat. But Parks was not an apolitical, middle-aged lady whose fatigue kept her seated. Hers was an act that radically challenged America to reinvent itself.

This event is NOT a costumed performance. Rosa Parks will be performed by Becky Stone in the Chautauqua History Comes Alive Festival (June 12 – 21.)