South Carolina’s Reconstruction: Restoration, Revolution, Reaction – Exhibit

The South Carolina Archives and History Foundation will present an exhibit titled South Carolina’s Reconstruction: Restoration, Revolution, Reaction which will offer a concise overview of the period of Reconstruction following the American Civil War. The exhibit will open on April 25, 2018 and will be on display through the end of December. SC Humanities supported this program with a Major Grant.

South Carolina’s Reconstruction: Restoration, Revolution, Reaction will use the holdings of the South Carolina Deparment of Archives and History to provide visitors insight into this often misunderstood era. Original copies of three of the state’s constitutions – those written in 1865, 1868, and 1895 – will serve as anchor points for the exhibit. Together, these documents, along with others drawn from the Archive’s collections, will trace the broad arc of Reconstruction.

Location: SC Department of Archives and History, 8301 Parklane Rd, Columbia, SC 29223

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