Spartanburg History Alive Festival – The Power of Words – Abe Lincoln, Walter Cronkite, Maya Angelou & Cesar Chavez

Meet America’s greatest wordsmiths – ABE LINCOLN, WALTER CRONKITE, RACHEL CARSON, MAYA ANGELOU and CESAR CHAVEZ and experience “The Power of Words.” A ten-day – two-weekend festival of non-stop live history and fun for the whole family. 30 shows performed by nationally acclaimed historical interpreters at various venues in Greater Greenville and Spartanburg. And it’s all FREE.

It’s a chance to step into Living History – to ask questions and go one on one with the people who shaped our country and our world. Bring your stories. Share your experiences. Get inspired. Because it’s not just history – it’s personal.

  • Listen in as President Lincoln redefines American democracy
  • Rise up and sing with poet Maya Angelou
  • Protest and march with Cesar Chavez
  • And once again as the nightly news, ”You are There” with Walter Cronkite

SPARTANBURG, SC June 19-22 at 7pm

Headquarters Library, Barrett Room (Free)

Mon 6/19 – Abraham Lincoln
Tue 6/20 – Cesar Chavez
Wed 6/21 – Walter Cronkite
Thu 6/22 – Maya Angelou

For details, visit or call (864) 244-1499.