Why Investigative Reporting Does Matter

Tuesday, February 12, 2019. 7:00 p.m. Richardson Ballroom, DiGiorgio Campus Center (Winthrop University). “Why Investigative Reporting Does Matter.” These journalists will discuss the role of investigative reporting in American Democracy and the challenges it faces in an era of citizen journalism, social media, and declining audiences for newspapers and television news.   Panelists include:

  • Anna Douglas, The Charlotte Observer;
  • Jennifer Hawes, Charleston (SC) Post & Courier and winner of the Pulitzer Prize; and
  • Bill Fox, President of Protecting Public Access to Public Records (PAPR)
    Panel Moderator: Manning Kimmel, Co-owner and Managing Partner, WRHI radio

Part of the “News Literacy and the Future of Journalism” eight-month collaborative series

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