Family-Friendly Heritage Festival in Belton, SC

The Belton Area Museum Association in Belton, SC (Anderson County) will host the 5th Annual Heritage Days at the Depot festival, an award-winning event that showcases folk artisans and living history practitioners to students and adults. The 2009 Heritage Days at the Depot will take place October 1-3, 2009 at the historic train depot in Belton. Thursday, October 1 and Friday, October 2 are reserved for students, and Saturday, October 3 is free and open to the general public. SC Humanities supported Heritage Days at the Depot through a July 2009 Mini Grant.

Twelve exhibitors will display traditional skills and historical interpretations at the 2009 Heritage Days at the Depot. These exhibitors include: a Cooper, a Weaver, a Miller, a Game Master, a Quilter, an Appalachian Storyteller, a Glass Blower,  Clock Maker, a Decoy Carver, a Cherokee Pine-Needle Basket Weaver, a Cast-Net Maker, and a Civil War Musician. These historical interpreters will present the history behind their traditional skills, demonstrate the skills, and, in some cases, offer opportunities for visitors to participate.

Heritage Days at the Depot regularly attracts close to 2,000 students and thousands from the general public. The event has won the 2007 Achievement Award from the South Carolina Federation of Museums and the 2008 Heritage Tourism Award from Palmetto Trust.

For more information about Heritage Days at the Depot, please visit the Web site of Belton Area Museum Association.

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