2014 Awarded Grants

The following grants were awarded by SC Humanities in fiscal year 2014 (November 1, 2013 – October 31, 2014).

Major Grants

Sponsoring Organization: Georgetown County Library
Project Title
: Out of Rice Fields: Vestiges of Gullah Culture in Modern Society
Project Director: Dwight McInvaill
Awarded:  $8,000; cost-share: $13,660
The Georgetown County Library will sponsor a multi-faceted project encouraging understanding of and engagement with Gullah culture from March 2014 – March 2015. The project will include an oral history effort through which interviews with local Gullah artisans and cultural leaders will be recorded on video; six monthly public lectures presented by scholars on different aspects of Gullah culture from linguistics to ethnomusicology; the collection and digitization of Gullah images and documents for inclusion in virtual and physical exhibits; and the creation of a documentary that will premiere in November 2015 at the Lowcountry Rice Forum in Georgetown.

Sponsoring Organization: SC Uplift Community Outreach
Project Title: Freedom Ain’t Free
Project Director: Eugene Washington
Awarded:  $2,000; Cost-share: $41,394
“Freedom Ain’t Free” is a documentary project that will examine the stories of several under-recognized Civil Rights heroes, such as South Carolinian George Elmore, South Carolinian Rev. J. A. De Laine, and Detroit housewife Viola Luizzo, and will encourage civic-mindedness and tolerance. The completed film will be screened at Keenan High School Theatre in October 2014.

Sponsoring Organization: University of South Carolina/McKissick Museum
Project Title: Coming Full Circle: Contemporary Native Arts in the Southeast
Project Director: Saddler Taylor
Awarded: $6,000; cost-share: $8,000
The McKissick Museum at the University of South Carolina will create an original exhibit titled Coming Full Circle: Contemporary Native Arts in the Southeast that will examine Native American folkways and how traditions are passed down and maintained in contemporary society. The exhibit will focus on four primary cultural groups that are rooted in the South, including Iroquoian, Muskogean, Algonquin, and Siouan, and the folk traditions that will be represented are basketry, textiles, pottery, beadwork, storytelling, dance, and music. Coming Full Circle will be on display at the McKissick Museum from August 2014 – July 2015, during which time at least six public companion events, such as lectures, films, and performances/demonstrations, will be presented.

Sponsoring Organization: The Belle W. Baruch Foundation
Project Title: Between the Waters: Hobcaw Barony Archaeology Project
Project Director: Betsy Newman
Awarded: $5,000; cost-share: $29,752
The Belle W. Baruch Foundation is partnering with SCETV and the SC Institute of Archaeology and Anthropology to enhance the interactive website “Between the Waters,” a study of Hobcaw Barony in Georgetown County, with additional content, including a series of web-based videos that will document two important archaeological efforts investigating the Native American history of this region.

Sponsoring Organization: The Slave Dwelling Project, Inc.
Project Title: If These Walls Could Talk
Project Director: Joseph McGill
Awarded: $2,000; cost-share: $51,500
The “If These Walls Could Talk” project will bring together students, scholars, and the public in an effort to think about the maintenance and interpretation of extant slave dwellings in South Carolina.

Sponsoring Organization: Greenville County Library System
Project Title: Greenville County Textile History Project
Project Director: Susan Boyd
Awarded: $5,340; cost-share: $8,970
The Greenville County Library System in partnership with the Greenville Textile Heritage Society will sponsor a  “history harvest” and related public programming with a focus on the textile industry and economic history of Greenville and Upstate South Carolina. The project will include the collection of images, artifacts, documents, and oral histories; the digitization of gathered materials; the creation of a public exhibit that will be displayed at the main branch of the Greenville Library; and the presentation of special events at the Textile Heritage Festival on October 4-5, 2014.

Sponsoring Organization: The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg, Inc.
Project Title: Spartanburg Soaring! Poetry Competition, Poetry Slam, Poetry Day, and Scavenger Hunt
Project Director: Jennifer Evins
Awarded: $4,000; cost-share: $8,000
The Arts Partnership of Greater Spartanburg, in partnership with many different cultural and educational organizations in Spartanburg, will present the “Spartanburg Soaring! Poetry Contest, Scavenger Hunt, and Poetry Saturday” events in March and April 2014. The events include a juried written poetry contest on the theme of “how is Spartanburg soaring?” for four different age brackets; a culture-based, city-wide scavenger hunt that will highlight winning poems and cultural landmarks; and a multi-faceted poetry event on Saturday, April 26 that will include a poetry workshop, poetry performances, and two slam poetry competitions.

Sponsoring Organization: College of Charleston
Project Title: From Equality to Quality: Commemorating the Brown V. Board of Education (1954) Decision
Project Director: Jon Hale
Awarded: $5,000’ cost-share: $10,328
The College of Charleston will host a series of events in April 2014 on the topic of “From Equality to Quality: Commemorating the Brown V. Board of Education (1954) Decision.” The main program will be a panel presentation featuring noted Civil Rights activist Robert Moses together with Mayor Joe Riley and two Charleston activists, Lucille Whipper and Cecelia Rogers, on Thursday, April 10, 2014 from 5:00 – 7:00 p.m. Additionally, another panel on “The role of Briggs in the Brown Decision” will take place on Friday, April 4, and a local history workshop will take place on Friday, April 11 at Burke High School.

Sponsoring Organization: The ETV Endowment of South Carolina
Project Title: Down on Bull Street
Project Director: Lynn Cornfoot
Awarded: $7,961; cost-share: $79,374
SCETV will create a one-hour documentary on the history of the Bull Street campus in downtown Columbia and of the treatment of mental illness in South Carolina. Using archival film, interviews, photos, re-enactments, stories, and letters, the documentary “Down on Bull Street” will tell the history of the Bull Street facility from its opening in 1827 to when services ended in the 1980s.

Sponsoring Organization: Historic Columbia Foundation
Project Title: Engagement at Oak Read: Helping Seniors Explore Their History
Project Director: James Quint
Awarded: $2,400; cost-share: 3,388
Historic Columbia Foundation will implement an interactive community history program with senior citizens living in two housing units managed by the Columbia Housing Authority: Oak Read  and Marion Street. Participating senior citizens will experience five educational sessions about Columbia history, with a specific focus on African American history, that include lectures and field trips; they will then participate in five sessions that will help them develop and tell their own personal histories and stories. The resulting oral histories, scrapbook pages, and articles will be compiled into a book that will be published and unveiled at a Red Carpet Party for the participating senior citizens in November 2014, and some pieces will be digitalized as well.

Sponsoring Organization: Williamsburg County Magnet School of the Arts
Project Title: The Harlem Renaissance: SC Connections
Project Director: Cassandra W. Rush
Awarded: $2,000; cost-share: $30,900
The Williamsburg County Magnet School for the Arts in partnership with the Cassandra Williams Rush Museum of African Arts and Culture will present an interactive educational opportunity for the 420 K-6 students at the magnet school on the theme of “The Harlem Renaissance: SC Connections?”

Sponsoring Organization: Pee Dee Land Trust
Project Title: The Pee Dee Black Farmer Storytelling Project
Project Director: David Harper
Awarded: $6,000’ cost-share: $8,000
The Pee Dee Land Trust will continue the “Pee Dee Black Farmer Storytelling project” by conducting a series of five to seven interviews with black farmers and landowners in the Pee Dee region. A concluding public program is proposed to take place in the fall of 2014 at which the scholars will present their findings and some of the farmers who are willing to participate will be introduced. Additionally, story boards will be created using photographs and quotes from the interview process and mounted as a traveling exhibit.

Sponsoring Organization: Fort Sumter Fort Moultrie Historical Trust
Project Title: A Just and Lasting Peace? The Civil War After 150 Years
Project Director: Winfred B. Moore
Awarded: $8,000; cost-share: $20,100
The Fort Sumter Fort Moultrie Historical Trust will present a weekend of public programming about the impact of the Civil War on American history and American culture on April 18 – April 19, 2014 in Charleston, SC.

Sponsoring Organization: Historic Rock Hill
Project Title: Black Street African American Business District in Rock Hill, SC During Urban Renewal
Project Director: Annemarie Beebe
Awarded: $2,000; cost-share: $18,495
Historic Rock Hill will facilitate an oral history project to collect memories of black business owners in downtown Rock Hill during the period of urban renewal, 1949 – 1974, with the goal of preserving unknown local history and widening understanding of Rock Hill’s history. The collected oral histories will be archived, shared through a public lecture , and possibly used to create an exhibit piece in the future.

Sponsoring Organization: Charleston County Public Library
Project Title: Charleston Tells Storytelling Festival
Project Director: Cynthia Bledsoe
Awarded: $7,873; cost-share: $64,369
The Charleston County Public Library will present the third annual Charleston Tells Storytelling Festival on March 13 – 14, 2015 in downtown Charleston. The event will feature four nationally-recognized storytellers (Charlotte Blake Alston, Michael Reno Harrell, Bil Lepp, and Corinne Stavish), four regional storytellers, as well as other local talent and musicians.

Sponsoring Organization: Upcountry History Museum – Furman University
Project Title: The Ripple Effect: How Saving a River Revitalized a Community
Project Director: Heather Yenco
Awarded: $5,203; cost-share: $54,441
The Upcountry History Museum – Furman University will create and present the exhibit The Ripple Effect: How Saving a River Revitalized a Community from February 21 – August 23, 2015. The exhibit will examine the environmental history of the Reedy River in Greenville and how the process of cleaning it up affected the community of Greenville. The exhibit will complement a large national Smithsonian exhibit titled Searching for the Seventies: The DOCUMERICA Photography Project that features a collection of photographs from 1972-1977 commissioned by the Environmental Protection Agency to document the decade’s environmental crisis.

Sponsoring Organization: Historic Columbia Foundation
Project Title: Columbia Commemorates: the Burning of Columbia
Project Director: Robin Waites
Awarded: $8,000; cost-share: $30,150
A coalition of local and statewide cultural organizations will be organizing public programming in commemoration of the sesquicentennial of the Burning of Columbia on February 17, 1865. These organizations include Historic Columbia Foundation, McKissick Museum, Nickelodeon Theater, One Columbia, Richland Library, River Alliance, SC Confederate Relic Room and Military Museum, South Caroliniana Library, and the University of South Carolina (multiple departments). All of these organizations will be sponsoring events, exhibits, and other programming on the topic of “Columbia Commemorates: the Burning of Columbia.”

Sponsoring Organization: Spartanburg County Historical Association
Project Title: Interpretive Enhancement at Walnut Grove and the Price House
Project Director: Caroline Sexton
Awarded: $5,925; cost-share: $9,200
Spartanburg County Historical Association will use grant funds to conduct changes and enhancements in the interpretation of two historic sites: the Walnut Grove Plantation and the Historic Price House. The re-interpretation will include inventorying, cataloguing, and organizing artifacts; updating exhibits, including installing new exhibit cases; revising tour scripts; and creating and installing outdoor interpretive signage.

Sponsoring Organization: Chester Downtown Development Association
Project Title: Celebration of “Chiefs”: Reflections on Chester, SC’s Past, Present and Future
Project Director: Catherine Fleming Bruce
Awarded: $2,000; cost-share: $23,000
This is a storytelling and reflection project focused on the filming in Chester, SC of the CBS mini-series, Chiefs, which aired in 1983 and featured Charlton Heston, Billy Dee Williams, and Keith Carradine, among others.

Mini and Planning Grants

Sponsoring Organization: Converse College
Project Title: Okra to Opera 2: The Conference on Southern Culture
Project Director: Melissa Walker
Awarded: $2,000; cost-share: $19,075
Converse College will present “Okra to Opera 2: The Conference on Southern Culture”  in Spartanburg on April 16 – 19, 2014. The 2014 conference will have a specific focus on Southern foodways and will present featured speakers, panel discussions, readings, and musical performances.

Sponsoring Organization: Bravo Blythewood
Project Title: J. Godron Coogler Festival
Project Director: Mittie McLean
Awarded: $1,387; cost-share: $3,309.5
Bravo Blythewood will present a series of events focusing on the life and legacy of J. Gordon Coogler, a Blythewood native and prolific poet who wrote poetry for waiting customers at his print shop in the late 1800s with the “aim to please.” The events will take place in January 2014 in Blythewood and include poetry stations around the city, a celebration event, and a book event. Additionally, packets will be sent to ten area schools with educational materials and lesson plans for teachers to use in December 2013 and January 2014.

Sponsoring Organization: The Township Auditorium Foundation
Project Title: 2014 One Book, One Columbia
Project Director: Lee Snelgrove
Awarded: $1,000; cost-share: $2,950
One Book, One Columbia is a community reading initiative that invites all Columbia-area residents to read the same book at the same time and engage in discussion about the book themes. The initiative is in its fourth year of programming, and the 2014 book selection is My Reading Life by Pat Conroy. The closing author event featuring Pat Conroy will take place at the Township Auditorium on February 27, 2014 and will be free and open to the public.

Sponsoring Organization: The Goodwill Educational and Historical Society
Project Title: The Goodwill School Legacy
Project Director: Johnnie Monroe
Awarded: $1,000; cost-share: $2,000
The Goodwill Educational and Historical Society, Inc. is a 20-year-old organization charged with maintenance and development of a historic property on the National Historic Register called The Goodwill School. The Goodwill School, located in the Salem Black River area of Sumter County, was founded in 1870 and served elementary and high school students through 1960. The Goodwill Educational and Historical Society plans to turn the Goodwill School into a center of history, arts, and community events. Planning Grant funds will support the creation of a strategic plan that will consider budget, fundraising, programs and services, marketing, governance and more.

Sponsoring Organization: Charleston County Public Library
Project Title: Charleston Tells Storytelling Festival
Project Director: Cynthia Bledsoe
Awarded: $1,000; cost-share: $81,938
The Charleston County Public Library will present the second “Charleston Tells Storytelling Festival” on March 14 – 15, 2014 in Wragg Square in downtown Charleston. The two-day event will feature four nationally and internationally-recognized storytellers (Donald Davis, Diane Ferlatte, David Novak, and Dovie Thomason), four regional storytellers, as well as other local talent and musicians.

Sponsoring Organization:  Jewish Cultural Arts Committee of the Katie and Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center
Project Title: 14th Annual Columbia Jewish Film Festival
Project Director: Laurie Slack and Heidi Lovit
Awarded: $1,000; cost-share: $12,435
The 14th Annual Columbia Jewish Film Festival will take place at the Nickelodeon Theater in Columbia from March 29 – April 3, 2014. A special preview film screening and discussion will take place on February 23, 2014 at the USC School of Music Recital Hall.

Sponsoring Organization: Christ Church
Project Title: Historic Christ Church Parish: From 1706 into the 21st Century
Project Director: Anne D. Brownyard
Awarded: $1,500; cost-share: $14,500
Christ Church will facilitate the creation of a short documentary detailing the role of Christ Church Parish in Lowcountry history, including interpretation of historic documents and oral history interviews with older church members. The completed documentary will be screened at Christ Church Parish Hall and made available on the internet via YouTube and Vimeo.

Sponsoring Organization: University of South Carolina (USC Beaufort)
Project Title: Peace After War: Exploring Memories of the Vietnam War Era
Project Director: Dr. Erin R. McCoy
Awarded: $1,000; cost-share: $1,000
The University of South Carolina at Beaufort will sponsor a series of five programs about the Vietnam War in March and April 2014. Four programs will take place at the Osher Lifelong Learning Institute (OLLI) at USC Beaufort, and a culminating public community event will take place on Friday, April 11, 2014 featuring Jim McGarrah, a professor and veteran who is author of a memoir about the Vietnam War titled A Temporary Sort of Peace.

Sponsoring Organization: Cherokee Historical & Preservation Society
Project Title: Living History Days @ the Cherokee County History & Arts Museum
Project Director: Billy J. Pennington, Jr.
Awarded: $1,500, cost-share: $6,550
The Cherokee Historical & Preservation Society will host a Living History Days event at the Cherokee County History & Arts Museum on Friday, May 23, 2014 that will be targeted to 3rd, 4th, 5th, 7th, and 8th grade students. The event will feature a variety of exhibits, presenters, and re-enactors that will present information about the Pre-Colonial and Revolutionary periods, the Civil War period, and military conflicts in the 20th and 21st centuries.

Sponsoring Organization: Gullah Geechee Group
Project Title: Gullah Geechee Roots, GGG Visiting Lecturer Speakers Bureau
Project Director: Sherry A. Suttles
Awarded: $1,000; cost-share: $2,000
Gullah Geechee Group, Inc. has created a Speakers Bureau that features a roster of scholars who speak about Gullah Geechee history and culture, which they are promoting to community groups like businesses, schools, and churches. They are requesting a Mini Grant to support four public programs, three of which are currently confirmed, that will take place from May – October 2014 in Beaufort, Charleston, Williamsburg, and Marion. The programs will be free and open to the public.

Sponsoring Organization: Friends of Lexington County Museum
Project Title: Lexington County History Exhibit
Project Director: J.R. Fennell
Awarded: $1,500; cost-share: $2,500
The Friends of the Lexington County Museum will create and install a permanent exhibit about the history of Lexington County from prehistory through the twentieth century. The exhibit will include text, images, and artifacts installed in four exhibit cases located in the Horace Harmon Jr. Exhibit Hall, which is an ADA handicap accessible building.The anticipated opening date of the exhibit is late June 2014.

Sponsoring Organization: Newberry County Historical and Museum Society
Project Title: Joseph Kerr Monument Restoration and Dedicatio, Newberry Village Cemetery
Awarded: $1,000; cost-share: $3,500
The Newberry County Historical and Museum Society will restore a noted monument in the Newberry Village Cemetery. The monument honors Joseph Kerr, a lawyer who graduated from Yale in 1816 and Litchfield Law School in 1817. The restoration of this particular monument is part of a larger planned restoration of the cemetery, and it is hoped will encourage additional efforts. A public dedication ceremony is planned to take place prior to November 2014.

Sponsoring Organization: Museum of York County
Project Title: To Space and Back to York County
Project Director: Carole Holmberg
Awarded: $2,000; cost-share: $4,900
The Museum of York County will bring a planetarium show titled “To Space and Back” to the museum. The show will be part of a larger program developed by the museum that incorporates York County history into this story of space exploration, technology and development. A facilitator will introduce each planetarium show from June 6 – October 1, and a small exhibit of spin-offs can be viewed. The facilitated showing will also be available to all attending school groups throughout the 2014-2015 academic year.

Sponsoring Organization: Spartanburg County Historical Society
Project Title: Walnut Grove Plantation Archaeological Excavation
Project Director: Caroline V. Sexton
Awarded: $1,000; cost-share: $27,810
The Spartanburg County Historical Society will conduct an archaeological excavation that will take place at Walnut Grove Plantation from June 2 – June 7. The public will have the opportunity to visit the excavation to view the activities. Additionally, there will be four lectures during the excavation week and a public day geared towards families on Friday, June 6. The excavation will be particularly investigating the location of slave cabins on the property and the lifestyles of the enslaved people who lived there. The results of the excavation will be used to create a small exhibit in the sites’ Visitor’s Center and to update the tour script used by docents.

Sponsoring Organization: Columbia Film Society
Project Title: Columbia International Black Film Festival
Project Director: Janell Rohan
Awarded: $1,000; cost-share: $2,000
The Nickelodeon Theatre will present the Columbia International Black Film Festival on June 13 – 15, 2014 in Columbia. Planned events include a variety of film screenings of innovative projects that showcase the future of African American cinema, a black media symposium, a culinary experience, musical performances, and media education programs.

Sponsoring Organization: SC Uplift Community Outreach
Project Title: Freedom Ain’t Free
Project Director: Eugene Washington
Awarded: $1,200; cost-share: $29,000
“Freedom Ain’t Free” is a documentary project that will examine the stories of several under-recognized Civil Rights heroes, such as South Carolinian George Elmore, South Carolinian Rev. J. A. De Laine, and Detroit housewife Viola Luizzo, and will encourage civic-mindedness and tolerance. The completed film will be screened at Keenan High School Theatre in October 2014.

Sponsoring Organization: Center for African-American History, Art, and Culture
Project Title: Juneteenth Celebration in the Park
Project Director: Jo-Anne Saunders
Awarded: $750, cost-share: $38,263
The third annual Juneteenth Festival will take place June 20 – 21, 2014 in Aiken. Activities will include historical re-enactments, quilt and slave artifact displays, choirs, poetry, and vendors of arts and crafts.

Sponsoring Organization: South Carolina State University
Project Title: South Carolina Project on Language and Culture
Project Director: Dr. Sukari Salone
Awarded: $2,000; cost-share: $3,642
The SC Project on Language and Culture is a web project that serves as a repository for research on South Carolina’s language and cultures. South Carolina State University will present an inaugural conference on the theme of “South Carolina’s Cultures and Languages: Identifying, Documenting, and Interpreting” to take place on Friday, October 10, 2014 at South Carolina State University which will allow for the website to be expanded and gain additional recognition statewide.

Sponsoring Organization: Nancy Carson Library
Project Title: Hunley Submarine Replica Exhibition
Project Director: Barbara Walker
Awarded: $2,000; cost-share: $3,857
The Hunley Submarine Replica Exhibit will be on display at the Thompkins Library in Edgefield on Friday, September 27, the Nancy Carson Library in North Augusta on Saturday, September 28th, and the Aiken County Historical Museum on Sunday, September 29th.  At each venue, docents who travel with the exhibit will conducts sessions about the history and operation of the Hunley, and other events are also planned, including exhibits of Civil War artifacts and presentations by Civil War re-enactors.

Sponsoring Organization: The Hampton County Historical Society
Project Title: Movie of the Upstairs of the Hampton County Museum at the Old Jail
Project Director: Andy Thomas
Awarded: $1,000; cost-share: $1,000
The Hampton County Museum will create a short 10-minute movie highlighting the history of the upstairs of the historical “Old Jail” building in Hampton where the museum is currently housed. The upstairs, which includes a rare triple cellblock and other interesting components, is currently not accessible to visitors because it is structurally unstable. The completed film will be featured at a screening in November, will be shown to visitors at the Hampton County Museum, and will be made available online on the Hampton County Museum’s Facebook page and forthcoming website.

Sponsoring Organization: Columbia Green
Project Title: Deep Rooted Wisdom: A Conversation on Southern Horticulture and History
Project Director: Lynn Robertson
Awarded: $900; cost-share: $1,759
Columbia Green in partnership with McKissick Museum will present a public program at the Columbia Museum of Art on November 12, 2014 featuring author and plantsman Augustus Jenkins Farmer talking about South Carolina horticultural history. The program will include an introduction, a lecture, and a moderated discussion about how gardening fosters community identity.

Sponsoring Organization: Greenwood County Library
Project Title: Greenwood Reads: The American Revolution in South Carolina
Project Director: Prudence A. Taylor
Awarded: $1,600; cost-share: $12,763
The Greenwood County Library will present its annual “Greenwood Reads” program, a community-wide reading and discussion event that targets both students (grades 6 -12) and adults. The theme selected for 2014 is “The American Revolution in South Carolina.” Students will read Cast Two Shadows (Ann Rinaldi), and adults will read Someone Knows My Name (Lawrence Hill). A variety of public events will take place throughout the month of October 2014, including book discussions at schools and libraries, an exhibit at The Museum, a lecture by scholar Michael Scoggins, a genealogy workshop, film screenings, and a series of storytelling performances at schools and at the public library by storyteller Tim Lowry.

Sponsoring Organization: Greenville Tech Foundation
Project Title: Holocaust Remembrance Week
Project Director: John Riley
Awarded: $2,000; cost-share: $11,500
Greenville Tech will present a Holocaust Remembrance Week from November 9 – 13, 2014 at their downtown campus. Events will include a Reading and Candlelight Vigil commemorating Kristallnacht; a scholarly presentation on “The Timeline of the Holocaust”; an exhibit of student storyboards on the Holocaust; a screening of the film Falkenau the Impossible followed by a Q&A; and a major presentation titled “Faces of the Holocaust: Two Women and Their Stories of Survival” featuring Trude Heller and Ruth Krell Steinfeld.

Sponsoring Organization: Redcliffe Plantation
Project Title: A Journey Through Time: The History of Redcliffe Plantation Gardens
Project Director: Jennifer Summers
Awarded: $800; Cost-share: $1,000
Redcliffe Plantation State Historic Site will support research conducted at the South Caroliniana Library about historical plantings of the Redcliffe Plantation and their location on the grounds. The completed research will be used to create an educational pamphlet and to inform a public presentation that will take place on April 11, 2015.

Sponsoring Organization: Heritage Council of North Augusta
Project Title: James Emerson – Robert Todd Lincoln
Project Director: Milledge Murray
Awarded: $2,000; Cost-share: $1,418
The Heritage Council of North Augusta, in partnership with the Nancy Carson Library in North Augusta, the Greater North Augusta Chamber of Commerce, and the Aiken County Historical Museum, will present author James Emerson at four public programs, two of which will be free and open to the public. The events will take place in two different communities in Aiken County: North Augusta and Aiken. James Emerson will speak about Robert Todd Lincoln, son of President Lincoln, and specifically about his stays at the Hampton Terrace Hotel in North Augusta.

Sponsoring Organization: Penn Center, Inc.
Project Title: Penn Center Civil Rights Symposium
Project Director: Victoria A. Smalls
Awarded: $2,000; Cost-share: $35,500
Penn Center will present a major symposium on the Civil Rights Movement on November 21 – 22, 2014. The conference will feature several noted scholars, including Bob Moses, Constance Curry, Dan Carter, and many others, and is free and open to the public. Events will include standard panel presentations, an intergenerational Civil Rights Congress and other events intended to engage young people and students from Beaufort County, documentary screenings, and other special events.

For more information about the Grants Program or any of SC Humanities‘s funded projects, please contact Theresa (T.J.) Wallace, the Grants and Programs Officer, at .