2007 Awarded Grants

The following grants were awarded by SC Humanities in fiscal year 2007 (November 1, 2006 – October 31, 2007).

2007 We the People Grants:

Goodwill Development Center Corporation, Inc.
Project Title: “Bin Yah – There’s No Place Home”
Project Director: Thomasena Stokes-Marshall
Amount Awarded: $1,540
Funds support The annual Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Festival’s (SCAF) thirty minute film and three public forums about sweetgrass habitats and preservation efforts in the east Cooper and Mt. Pleasant area of South Carolina. The film will be screened and discussed at the festival.

Ways & Means Film and Television
Project Title: Josh White: The House I Live In
Project Director: Joe Wider
Amount Awarded: $8,000
Funds support the archival research and early script writing for two 90 minute films about Josh White, a blues, gospel, folk and jazz musician and South Carolinian, who performed protest songs in the Depression and New Deal eras.

Mental Illness Recovery Center
Project Title: Lighting the Way: Mental Health in SC
Project Director: Liz Norris
Amount Awarded: 8,000
Funds support a public symposium and exhibit about the mental health facilities and property known as “Bull Street” in downtown Columbia, SC. The 178-acre Bull Street campus is the last and largest tract of land to come available for urban development.

USC / Institute for Public Service & Policy Research
Project Title: “The Civil and Human Rights Anthology Project, Final Phase”
Project Director: Fred R. Sheheen / Marvin Lare
Amount Awarded: $6,100
The Civil and Human Rights Anthology seeks to document the many local and state level sacrifices and commitments South Carolinians made throughout the 1950’s and 60’s that promoted human and civil rights transformations. USC Press will print the final volume. This application seeks funds for the ‘perfecting, editing and final clerical preparation’ and for travel to retrieve the remaining oral histories for the manuscript for print.

2007 Major Grants:

University of South Carolina / English Department
Project Title: “Pages from the Past: A Legacy of Medieval Books in South Carolina Collections”
Project Director: Scott Gwara
Amount Awarded: $8,000
From January through March ’08 an exhibit of approximately 60 medieval manuscripts and leaves, from collections within the state, will be on display at USC’s Rare Books and Collections room in the Thomas Cooper Library. The exhibit, which will be available for travel, will act as a catalog of the medieval literary artifacts in South Carolina and is but one aspect of a larger project to analyze and digitize medieval materials for access globally.

South Carolina Arts Commission
Project Title: SC Institute for Community Scholars
Project Director: Susan DuPlessis
Amount Awarded: $4,500
A combination of over twenty community and cultural organization leaders, folklorists, storytellers, writers and traditional artists will coordinate the sixth annual SC Institute for Community Scholars to be held in St. Helena and Clemson, mid to late July 2007.

Public Education Partners
Project Title: Garcia Theatre Project
Project Director: Natalie Fox
Amount Awarded: $4,250
Public Education Partners (PEP) is a non-profit group of business leaders and concerned citizens who provide assistance and programs for Aiken county schools. Awarded funds support a collaboration among drama teachers and the performing arts faculty at USC-Aiken in order to expand critical skill and opportunities in theatre for high school students county-wide.

York County Culture and Heritage Commission
Project Title: River Docs
Project Director: Owen Glendening
Amount Awarded: $2,000
Funds support the historical research, lecture arrangement, community outreach and oral history collection for a full exhibit on the Catawba River. The exhibit will be shared with The Light Factory in Charlotte and will be available for future travel.

The College of Charleston
Project Title: Grass Roots: The Enduring Art of the Lowcountry Basket
Project Director: Virginia T. Friedman
Amount Awarded: $8,000
Funds support the post production, video-editing, soundtrack and rights acquisitions for a thirty-minute documentary on the African practice of basket making in the Charleston and Mt. Pleasant. This film provides an expansive overview of basket making for general public audiences who will visit a planned traveling exhibit Baskets of Two Continents from the Museum of African Art in New York and other public venues.

Savannah College of Art and Design
Project Title: South Carolina in Vernacular Architecture Forum 2007
Project Director: Daves Rossell
Amount Awarded: $1,900
Savannah College of Art and Design (SCAD) will host a comprehensive conference about vernacular architecture of the SC lowcountry and Savannah area. Awarded funds are for the South Carolina ‘arm’ of the conference, where two bus tours (the North tours), carrying approximately 100 people, are planned for sites in Beaufort, St. Helena and Daufuskie Island.

Sponsoring Organization: Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values at Coastal Carolina University
Project Title: Summer Ethics Academy
Project Director: Claudia McCollough
Awarded: $4,100
Jackson Family Center for Ethics and Values will host their fourth annual Summer Ethics Academy in July 2008. The two week-long camps for rising sixth graders in the Conway area teach ethics and decision making.

Sponsoring Organization: New York Foundation for the Arts (NYFA)
Project Title: “The Road to Civil War, 1828 – 1861”
Project Director: Richard Wormser
Awarded: $7,360

“The Road to Civil War” is a three-part documentary for public television that will investigate South Carolina’s nullifcation crisis and Calhoun among other aspects of the buildup to the Civil War.

Sponsoring Organization: McCormickCounty Historical Commission
Project Title: Partnering for Publishing McCormick History
Project Director: Diane K. Shaffer
Awarded: $1,500
McCormick County Historical Commission sponsors a collaborative community project to research and collect archival materials about Cyrus H. McCormick.

Sponsoring Organization: University of South Carolina Research Foundation
Project Title: Garibaldi Abroad
Project Director: Don H. Doyle
Awarded: $3,340
The University of SouthCarolina a free public lecture and accompanying exhibit at Thomas Cooper Library about Giuseppe Garibaldi, the Italian patriot. Internationally recognized scholar Lucy Riall will speak.

Sponsoring Organization: Gibbes Museum of Art
Project Title: Landscape of Slavery: The Plantation in American Art Panel Discussion
Project Director: Angela G. Mack
Awarded: $5,000
Funds support a half-day panel discussion that will bring together the six scholars who informed the exhibit Landscape of Slavery: The Plantation in American Art and worte the essays for its accompanying publication.

Sponsoring Organization: National Center for Jewish Film
Project Title: Carvalho’s Journey
Project Director: Steve Rivo
Awarded: $7,900
Carvalho’s Journey will be a one-hour documentary film focusing on the life of Charleston native Solomon Nunes Carvalho, a great nineteenth century explorer, photographer, and memoirist.

Sponsoring Organization: Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World Program at College of Charleston
Project Title: Roots and Branches: An African American Genealogy Conference
Project Director: Simon K. Lewis
Awarded: $7,915
Carolina Locountry and Atlantic World Program hosts a conference and series of follow-up workshops that will train Lowcountry residents to conduct African-American family history research.

Sponsoring Organization: Palmetto Conservation Foundation
Project Title: Healing Springs
Project Director: Kenneth C. Driggers
Awarded: $3,000
Healing Springs is a documentary that will tell about the history and culture of the artesian spring located in rural Barnwell County known by that name.

Sponsoring Organization: Ministering Life in the Kingdom of God, Inc.
Project Title: Stories About Us
Project Director: Clarice Blakeney
Awarded: $5,700
“Stories About Us” is a project to record oral histories of African-American families and churches in the Pageland-Jefferson area of Chesterfield County.

Sponsoring Organization: Travelers Rest Arts Mission
Project Title: Poets in the Forest
Project Director: Nichole Livengood
Awarded: $2,000
Poets in the Forest is a series of poetry readings in Travelers Rest that will occur monthly September 2007 – May 2008.

Sponsoring Organization: Historic Columbia Foundation
Project Title: 2008 Garden Symposium
Project Director: John Sherrer
Awarded: $5,115
Historic Columbia Foundation sponsors a Garden Symposium that will discuss South Carolina garden history and highlight the restored gardens of the Robert Mills Garden District in Columbia.

Sponsoring Organization: South Carolina ETV
Project Title: ETV Forum: The War
Project Director: Terry Pound
Awarded: $8,000
SCETV will host a discussion forum about World War II in South Carolina that will correspond with Ken Burns’ new epic documentary The War. The forum will be filmed and broadcast on SCETV.

2007 Mini and Planning Grants:

Ministering Life in the Kingdom of God, Inc.
“A Retrospective: The Life and Times of J.D. McManus (1931-1993), Community Leader and Civil Rights Activist”.
Project Director: William T. Dargan
Awarded: $1,500
The grant funds a reading group discussion series and retrospective on J.D. McManus. McManus is an unheralded, community-level activist that traveled throughout Chester, Kershaw, Lancaster and Darlington counties throughout the 1950’s often uniting churches and challenging local businesses to include blacks as patrons and customers.

Horry-Georgetown Technical College
“Near-Death Experience Lecture Series”
Project Director: Walter (Casey) King
Awarded: $1,250
In the spring of 2007, Horry-Georgetown Technical College will host a colloquium on near-death experience.

ETV Endowment of South Carolina
“Shared History Outreach Project”
Project Director: Felicia Furman
Awarded: $1,500
Following a screening of SC Humanities funded documentary Shared History, the filmmaker, a historian and writer from SC State University and an author/ visiting professor will lead public discussion and conduct a question and answer session. Shared History is a film by Felicia Furman that documents the legacy of slavery and African American labor that once existed on Woodlands Plantation in Midway, SC, the former home of William Gilmore Simms.

The Charleston RHIZOME and Alternate ROOTS
“You Comin’”
Project Director: Latonnya Wallace
Awarded: $1,000
“You Comin’” is the title of a short film that will record the discussions of strangers as they describe experiences with social and economic differences/ tensions. The film is part of a network of artist activity throughout the southeastern states, organized by Alternate ROOTS, a membership based nonprofit in Atlanta.

Anderson County Human Relations Council & Omega Project
“Be the Link for Diversity: Movie Week and Dialogue Forum”
Project Director: Jessica Powell
Awarded: $1,500
The Anderson County Human Relations Council and The Omega Project seek funds for a week long diversity program, geared for teenaged residents, that includes movies and teacher / scholar led discussions.

Western Carolina Higher Education Commission
“Planning the Story: Salkehatchie Artists and Storytellers”
Project Director: Pat Ciez
Awarded: $1,495
The grant the travel and meals for 25 participants from the Allendale, Bamberg, Barnwell, Colleton and Hampton, area to attend the Swamp Gravy storytelling and folklife conference in Colquitt, Georgia, March 23rd-24, 2007. The participants will discuss and plan a similar series of storytelling and folk art events to be kicked off in Allendale.

Southeast Association for Book Arts“All Books Great and Small: A History of the Miniature Book in America”
Project Director: Stephanie Nace
Awarded: $400
The USC Department of Art will host a lecture about the history of miniature books in America. The South Caroliniana Library will feature a small display of miniature books.

Avery Research Center
“Call and Response: Traditional African American Choirs”
Project Director: Leon Allen Love
Awarded $1,500
The grant funds a series of planning sessions that will inform a 30 to 45 minute documentary about a largely unrecorded form of acapella hymn and gospel singing found in the piedmont area of the state.

Friends of the Allendale, Hampton, Jasper Regional Library
“Preparing for the film series on the Decade of the 1960s”
Project Director: Beth McNeer
Awarded $1,200
The Allendale-Hampton-Jasper Regional Library will host a film and discussion series on the topic of the 1960’s in the United States.

PAIA Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation SC
“Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation SC Living Village Project”
Project Director: Chief Howard Norris
Awarded: $1,200
The grant funds travel to four successful Native American museum/living villages in South Carolina and North Carolina to inform the Lower Eastern Cherokee Nation’s own plan to construct a living village of the Lower Cherokee People on tribal property in Laurens County.

Palmetto Conservation Foundation
“Healing Springs Documentary”
Project Director: Kenneth C. Driggers
Awarded: $1,250
The grant funds the development of a script for a proposed documentary on the history and culture of an artesian spring located in rural Barnwell County. Healing Springs, located near Blackville, is rich in history and legend regarding its healing powers.

Island Heritage Festival
“Comin’ Home to Porgy—Smalls, Heyward, and Gershwin—A Symposium”
Project Director: Eleanor K. Ross
Awarded: $1,500
The Island Heritage Festival will host a Symposium exploring the cultural and social dynamics that informed the composition of Porgy & Bess.

Pendleton District Commission
White Quilts and Coverlets In South Carolina, 1750 – 1840
Project Director: Vicki Fletcher
Awarded: $1,500
The planning grant funds the travel of scholar Laurel Horton to three South Carolina museums to identify, examine, and document examples of early quilts in the Carolinas. The collection of data and photographs will eventually inform a collaborative exhibit and online database.

C.C. Pinckney Elementary School
Creative Writing and Literature Impact Pinckney Patriots
Project Director: Annette Francis
Awarded: $1,500

C.C. Pinckney Elementary School, a Department of Defense School serving Fort Jackson, will organize a year-long creative writing and literature experience for their school community. The grant funds the visits of two authors who will speak to both students and teachers.

YWCA of Greater Charleston
“YWCA Oral History & Documentary Project”
Project Director: Warachal Faison
Awarded: $1,500

The YWCA of Greater Charleston will create a 30-minute documentary to commemorate their 2007 Centennial. Oral histories with key community leaders will describe the history of the YWCA in Charleton, which is grounded in issues of race, gender, and social justice.

Ministering Life in the Kingdom of God, Inc.
“Stories About Us: Oral Histories of African American Life in Western Chesterfield County From the Early Twentieth Century”
Project Director: Clarice Blakeney
Awarded: $1,500

The grant funds the initial planning and research towards a major oral history project of the African American community in Pageland (Chesterfield County), to correspond with their 2008 Centennial Celebration.

The Sophia Institute
Rumi: Festival of the Soul
Project Director: Jessica Bluestein
Awarded: $1,000
The Sophia Institute hosts a weekend series of cultural programs celebrating the 800th birthday of the Sufi mystic and poet, Jalaluddin Rumi.

Richland County Public Library
“Hector and Achilles: A Warrior Remembers”
Project Director: Clo Cammarata

Awarded: $1,500
Richland County Public Library will present a free program based on the Illiad which will include a dramatic presentation, a scholar-led lecture, and discussion.

African American Historical Alliance of South Carolina
Post Civil War African American Congressmen, Legislators, & Judges
Project Director: Jannie Harriot
Awarded: $1,500
A symposium on the topic of “Post Civil War African American Congressmen, Legislators, & Judges will take place on November 9, 2007 at the University of South Carolina School of Law.

Greenville County Schools
Walking Through Time with Indiana Jones
Project Director: Thomas Riddle
Awarded: $1,500
Students in Greenville County Schools will create museum-style displays about a wide range of humanities topics. The completed displays will be unveiled during a public event featuring scholar David West Reynolds at Roper Mountain Science Center in May 2008.

College of Charleston
Teachers, Teaching, and the Movies
Project Director: Terence Bowers
Awarded: $1,500
College of Charleston hosts a two-day conference on the topic of “Teachers, Teaching, and the Movies” that will investigate the way movies influence public perception of schools and education as well as the best way to use film to complement the teach of humanities subjects.

For more information about any of these funded projects, please contact Theresa Wallace, the Grants and Program Officer, at 803-771-2477.