2008 Awarded Grants

The following grants were awarded by SC Humanities in fiscal year 2008 (November 1, 2007 – October 31, 2008).

2008 Major Grants:

Sponsoring Organization: Public Education Partners
Project Title: Garcia Theater Project
Project Director: Natalie Fox
Award: $2,000
Cost-share: $12,249
Public Education Partners will sponsor the fourth year of the Garcia Theater Project, a program that encourages the development of strong theater arts programs for the seven high schools in Aiken County through the collaboration of the Department of Visual and Performing Arts at USC-Aiken with students. The project culminates with a day of performances of one-act plays by each of the participating schools; the date is set for May 3, 2008.

Sponsoring Organization: University of South Carolina – McKissick Museum
Project Title: “Barbeque Joints: And the Good Folks Who Own Them” Exhibit
Project Director: Saddler Taylor
Award: $3,000
Cost-share: $6,500
“Barbeque Joints: And the Good Folks Who Own Them” is an exhibit that will be based on the forthcoming book Barbeque Joints by author David Gelin. The exhibit will feature a selection of photographs from the book and will investigate culinary traditions and barbeque history. McKissick Museum will display the exhibit from May – July 2008 and will offer other collateral events during its tenure, including an author lecture and book signing.

Sponsoring Organization: Trident Technical College
Project Title: Trading Tastes: Islam, the Indian Ocean, and the Asia-Africa Interchange
Project Director: Katharine Purcell
Award: $2,800
Cost-share: $8,709
Trident Technical College in partnership with the East-West Center plans a symposium on the trade history of the maritime spice route and the way it has shaped the current social and political landscape of the world, including the Lowcountry region’s rice and indigo cultures. The symposium, planned for November 2008, will offer a range of activities, including programs for students, workshops for teachers, and lectures open to the general public.

Sponsoring Organization: American College of the Building Arts
Project Title: 2008 Masters of the Building Arts Festival
Project Director: Simeon Warren
Award: $2,500
Cost-share: $18,000
American College of the Building Arts will hold its third Masters of the Building Arts Festival in March 2008 which will showcase artisan skills such as stone carving, masonry, ironworking, and woodworking through lectures, demonstrations, and presentations. Special outreach will be made to at-risk youth who may be interested in pursuing careers in artisan skills.

Sponsoring Organization: Friends of the Allendale Hampton Jasper Regional Library
Project Title: Voting Rights in Allendale, South Carolina
Project Director: Beth McNeer
Award: $5,000
Cost-share: $5,000
The Allendale Hampton Jasper Regional Library System will coordinate an oral history project that will document the experiences of Allendale County residents during the years of 1963-1965—when Civil Rights voting issues were center stage. The project will culminate with a public forum in which the findings of the oral history collection will be presented to the citizens of Allendale County and discussion will be encouraged. Publication of a small booklet of these findings is also anticipated.

Sponsoring Organization: University of South Carolina
Project Title: King Cotton Documentary
Project Director: Laura Kissel
Award: $6,000
Cost-share: $23,800
King Cotton is a proposed feature-length documentary which will examine the cotton industry—from South Carolina farm to Chinese factory and back to American consumer.

Sponsoring Organization: Community Foundation of Greenville
Project Title: Nothing to Prove: The Return of Mac Arnold to the Blues Documentary
Project Director: Stan Woodward
Award: $4,500
Cost-share: $18,731
Nothing to Prove: The Return of Mac Arnold to the Blues is a folk heritage documentary by producer Stan Woodward that will tell the story of South Carolina blues-man Mac Arnold. The film is slated to be broadcast on “Southern Lens” on SCETV and will premier in South Carolina in January-February of 2009.

Sponsoring Organization: Town of Little Mountain
Project Title: Listening to the Past, Speaking to the Future: Little Mountain History Harvest
Project Director: Lindsey Moore
Award: $5,000
Cost-share: $7,500
The Town of Little Mountain plans a local history harvest as the first step in a long-term project to document their community history in order to better plan for their future. The history harvest will be a day-long event in which oral histories and pictures/artifacts are collected digitally. This information will be compiled into a 30-minute community history video that will be screened at the annual Little Mountain Reunion Festival in August 2008 and provided to schools, libraries, and other repositories.

Sponsoring Organization: The Center for Independent Documentary
Project Title: The Commander: Harriet Tubman and the Combahee River Raid Documentary
Project Director: Michael O’McCarthy, James McDuffie Bruce, and Eric Stange
Award: $8,000
Cost-share: $14,064
The Center for Independent Documentary plans a docudrama project entitled The Commander: Harriet Tubman and the Combahee River Raid which is intended for primetime television. The docudrama will investigate Harriet Tubman’s life, focusing particularly on her role in the 1963 episode in South Carolina history in which Union forces staged a raid on the Combahee River site and freed numerous slaves.

Sponsoring Organization: ETV Endowment of South Carolina
Project Title: American Agent: The Rise and Fall of Melvin Purvis Documentary
Project Director: Betsy Newman
Award: $4,000
Cost-share: $55,350
American Agent: The Rise and Fall of Melvin Purvis is a one-hour documentary that will be broadcast on ETV as part of the “Carolina Stories” series and made available to schools and other institutions. It explores the story of South Carolina native Melvin Purvis, famous both for his successful stint in the FBI in the 1930s and for his subsequent mysterious downfall at the hands J. Edgar Hoover. Broadcast is scheduled for October 2008.

Sponsoring Organization: Avery Research Center (College of Charleston)
Project Title: The Life and Times of Robert Smalls
Project Director: W. Marvin Dulaney
Award: $4,600
Cost-share: $9,500
Avery Research Center for African American History and Culture requests funds to support the development and implementation of an exhibit on the life and times of South Carolina Civil War hero and statesman Robert Smalls. The exhibit will be accompanied by an opening symposium on Smalls’ life and influence featuring notable South Carolina scholars and a Smalls descendant. After the exhibit’s tenure at the Avery Research Center (August – September 2008), it will be available for travel to other institutions, including schools and libraries.

Sponsoring Organization: Science South, Inc.
Project Title: General Francis Marion Cordially Invites You…
Project Director: Colleen Zilio
Award: $3,950
Cost-share: $9,122
Science South, Inc. in partnership with the Francis Marion Trail Commission will organize two workshops that will look at different aspects of the Revolutionary War: historical, anthropological, and cultural, including a unique look at food history and culture. The workshops are scheduled for the fall of 2008 and the winter of 2009, and the information presented during the programs will be collected in a booklet and in an exhibit.

Sponsoring Organization: Olde Towne Preservation Association
Project Title: Living History Park/Colonial Times
Project Director: Lynn Thompson
Award: $1,500
Cost-share: $44,000
Olde Town Preservation Association sponsors their 17th annual “Colonial Times: A Day To Remember” event at the Living History Park in North Augusta, SC on October 18-19, 2008. The event offers reenactments, living history presentations, and Chautauqua-style scholar presentations to show what life was like in the Colonial period in the South and is free and open to the public.

Sponsoring Organization: McCormick County Historical Commission
Project Title: Partnering for Publishing McCormick History
Project Director: Diane L. Schaffer
Award: $2,850
Cost-share: $12,150
The McCormick County Historical Commission is coordinating a collaborative project on researching and sharing McCormick County history. Scholar and author Bobby Edmonds will work with the Historical Commission, the McCormick County Chamber of Commerce, civic organizations, local citizens, and local schools to gather archival material about McCormick County and Cyrus McCormick to ultimately be used in the publication of a history book, McCormick: The Reaper Man and the Place. Scholarly lectures and a McCormick History Mini-Course will be offered to citizens and students during the duration of the collection and research project.

Sponsoring Organization: The Catesby Commemorative Trust, Inc.
Project Title: The Curious Mister Catesby documentary
Project Director: David J. Elliott
Award: $4,000
Cost-share: $27,250
The Curious Mister Catesby is a documentary about the life and works of the little-known 18th century English naturalist and artist, Mark Catesby. Catesby’s Natural History of Carolina, Florida, and the Bahamas is the first fully-illustrated natural history of North America. The documentary will be shown on statewide ETV.

Sponsoring Organization: Converse College
Project Title: The Legacy of Singin’ Billy Walker: Hymns in the South
Project Director: Dr. Leon Couch and Dr. Laura Feitzinger Brown
Award: $4,500
Cost-share: $10,418
Converse College plans an interdisciplinary symposium to explore the importance of hymns in Southern culture and to celebrate the legacy of Singin’ Billy Walker, a musician and Spartanburg native who arranged the composition of the hymn “Amazing Grace” as we know it today. The symposium will include a scholarly panel discussion about Walker and hymns, a concert showcasing hymn styles, several workshops and paper sessions, a luncheon, and a final lecture/concert celebrating Walker and will take place January 28-31, 2009—in time for the bicentennial of Walker’s birth.

Sponsoring Organization: USC Research Foundation
Project Title: Lincoln and the Civil War in Contemporary America
Project Director: Thomas J. Brown
Award: $2,000
Cost-share: $22,103
The University of South Carolina and the College of Charleston will co-sponsor a free, two-day public conference on “Lincoln at the Civil War in Contemporary America” in honor of the 2009 bicentennial of Lincoln’s birth. The conference is scheduled for February 6 – 7, 2009 in Charleston.

Sponsoring Organization: College of Charleston
Project Title: In Search of Ambrosio Gonzales: Soldier Under Two Flags Documentary
Project Director: Virginia T. Friedman
Award: $8,000
Cost-share: $8,005
The Center for Documentary at the College of Charleston seeks funds for a documentary about Cuban patriot and Confederate Colonel, Ambrosio Gonzales. In Search of Ambrosio Gonzales: Soldier Under Two Flags will explore this South Carolina resident’s life, military career, and legacy to our state. The film is intended for statewide public broadcast, film festivals, and DVD distribution.

Sponsoring Organization: Southern Office of the National Trust for Historic Preservation
Project Title: South Carolina Rosenwald Schools Traveling Exhibit
Project Director: Tracy Hayes
Award: $1,500
Cost-share: $22,000
The Southern Office of the National Trust for Historic Preservation plans to create a traveling exhibit about the history and legacy of Rosenwald Schools in South Carolina. The exhibit will travel to several rural communities, including communities that are home to past Rosenwald Schools.

Sponsoring Organization: Town of Mt. Pleasant
Project Title: Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Pavilion Exhibit at Waterfront Park
Project Director: Kelly Cousino
Award: $8,000
Cost-share: $38,543
The Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Pavilion will be a permanent structure at the Waterfront Memorial Park in Mt.Pleasant that will showcase the history, culture, and art of sweetgrass basket making. The Pavilion will include a permanent exhibit that will examine such topics as: African heritage, Charleston vendors, show baskets, family traditions, and preserving and protecting our heritage. The Pavilion is scheduled to be completed by May 2009 and will host the 2009 Sweetgrass Cultural Arts Festival.

Sponsoring Organization: Culture & Heritage Museums
Project Title: Historic Brattonsville Community Oral History Project
Project Director: Owen Glendening
Award: $3,000
Cost-share: $11,416
The Culture and Heritage Museums in Rock Hill seek funds for an oral history project in the historic African-American community of Brattonsville. Noted scholar Lisa M. Bratton, a descendent of the Brattonsville community, will conduct 25 oral history interviews, which will be transcribed, cross-referenced, and provided to several repositories, along with physical “material culture” such as photographs and letters. The Culture and Heritage Museums will also offer a public program about their findings and will integrate the oral histories into the existing interpretive programming at Historic Brattonsville.

Sponsoring Organization: The Gardner Group, Inc.
Project Title: Changing Lives: The Peter Cooper Story Documentary
Project Director: Janet Gardner
Award: $7,975
Cost-share: $29,262
Changing Lives: The Peter Cooper Story is a documentary project about 19th century business man and philanthropist Peter Cooper, who founded the Cooper-Limestone Institute that became Limestone College in Gaffney, SC. The documentary is planned for nationwide public broadcasting and will have premiers at Limestone College, the Upcountry History Museum, and the South Carolina State Museum.

2008 Mini and Planning Grants:

Sponsoring Organization: Furman University
Project Title:
Neighbors Who Disappeared Exhibit and Lecture Series
Project Director:
Michael Svec
$976; cost-share: $7,035
Furman University will host a unique exhibit on the Holocaust created by Czech school children under the direction of the Jewish Museum in Prague. Neighbors Who Disappeared will appear at Furman University for three weeks and will then travel to 10 Greenville County Schools.

Sponsoring Organization: South Carolina Department of Archives and History
Project Title:
African American Historic Places in South Carolina Curriculum Guide Project
Project Director:
Leah E. Brown
$1,500; cost-share: $10,680
South Carolina Department of Archives and History will create a curriculum guide as a companion piece to the African American Historic Places in South Carolina booklet. The curriculum guide will be made available to teachers statewide both online and in print form.

Sponsoring Organization: Historic Columbia Foundation
Project Title:
The 30 Most Significant African Americans in Richland County History
Project Director:
Sara Salley
$1,500; cost-share: $11,215
Historic Columbia Foundation will open a call for nominations for the 30 most significant African Americans in Richland County histor. A volunteer committee will name the finalists, who will be recognized at a gala tribute, panel discussion, and exhibit piece in conjunction with the 30th Anniversary of the Jubilee Festival of Heritage.

Sponsoring Organization: Oconee Heritage Center
Project Title: The Virtual City of Westminster, c. 1924
Project Director: Nicholas Gambrell
Awarded: $1,500; Cost-share: $1,825
The Oconee Heritage Center will create an animated video of the city of Westminster, SC circa 1924. Humanities scholar Nicholas Gambrell will collaborate with a computer designer to adapt existing historical photos, publications, and oral histories into a 3-D “virtual tour” of the old town.

Sponsoring Organization: Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World Program (College of Charleston)
Project Title: Public Portions of Conference on “Ending the International Slave Trade: A Bicentenary Inquiry”
Project Director: Simon Lewis
Awarded: $1,000; cost-share: $4,350
The Carolina Lowcountry and Atlantic World Program at the College of Charleston has sponsored a year-long commemoration of the abolition of the international slave trade through a series of events and programs. In March, they will host a humanities conference entitled “Ending the International Slave Trade: A Bicentenary Inquiry.” A panel discussion that unites five national scholars to speak on the history of the slave trade and abolition will take place on March 26, 2008 and will be open to the general public. A workshop for statewide social studies teachers will offer a guided tour of Magnolia Plantation and a session on incorporating the slave trade history into the classroom.

Sponsoring Organization: South Carolina ETV
Project Title: Writer’s Circle of South Carolina
Project Director: Ken DeBerry
Awarded: $1,250; cost-share: $10,303
South Carolina ETV plans to revive the popular series Writers’ Circle of South Carolina with ten new episodes featuring South Carolina writers discussing their works and methods. SCETV requests funds for a planning grant to develop a K-12 curriculum template based on the pilot episode with Lowcountry author Mary Alice Monroe.

Sponsoring Organization: South Carolina Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum
Project Title: Lecture Program for Civil War Photography from the David L. Hack Collection
Project Director: Jai Cassidy Shaiman
Awarded: $600; cost-share: $1,069
The South Carolina Confederate Relic Room & Military Museum will display the exhibit Civil War Photographs from the David L. Hack Collection from March 28 – June 28, 2008. A lecture by Brooks Johnson, Curator of Photography at the Chrysler Museum of Art, will take place on April 26th, 2008 and will be free and open to the public. Johnson will speak on the role of photography during the Civil War.

Sponsoring Organization: University of South Carolina
Project Title: The Archaeology of Southeastern Colonial Frontiers
Project Director: Dr. Charles R. Cobb
Awarded: $1,417; cost-share: $4,700
The University of South Carolina will sponsor a two-day conference titled “The Archaeology of Southeastern Colonial Frontiers” which will investigate the plurality of frontier experince, looking particularly at the often-ignored influences of Native Americans and African Americans. The conference, which will be free and open to the public, will take place on April 11-12, 2008.

Sponsoring Organization: Sumter County Museum
Project Title: Celtic Lecture Tent, Sumter Scottish Country Fair and Celtic Festival
Project Director: Katherine Richardson
Awarded: $1,500; cost-share: $1,522
The Sumter County Scottish Country Fair and Celtic Festival is a large annual event organized by the Sumter County Museum to educate about and celebrate the Celtic heritage that is widespread in Sumter. In 2008, the organizers will add a new element to the festival, a Celtic Lecture Tent that will feature humanities presentations by four scholars. The Fair will take place April 26, 2008.

Sponsoring Organization: Black Creek Arts Council of Darlington County
Project Title: Tobacco Barns Photography Exhibit for the South Carolina Tobacco Trail
Project Director: Bruce Douglas
Awarded: $1,500; cost-share: $2,100
The Black Creek Arts Council of Darlington County will create an exhibit based on the art of local Pee Dee photographer, Benton Henry. The exhibit will display photographs of tobacco barns and will explore the historical context of the importance of tobacco in this region of the state. The exhibit will travel to six communities on the South Carolina Tobacco Trail: Hartsville, Darlington, Latta, Conway, Florence, and Lake City.

Sponsoring Organization: Upcountry History Museum
Project Title: Upcountry History Museum Oral History Program
Project Director: Dr. Courtney L. Tollison
Awarded: $1,500; cost-share: $6,220
The Upcountry History Museum will create an oral history lab and recording studio to more efficiently collect oral histories of upstate residents. The Project Director and staff will travel to study successful oral history programs at seven institutions in South Carolina and North Carolina in August 2008.

Sponsoring Organization: Historic Beaufort Foundation
Project Title: 3rd Annual Architectural Field School, Beaufort
Project Director: Maxine Lutz
Awarded: $800; cost-share: $2,300
Historic Beaufort Foundation will help organize and sponsor a summer field school for a group of students and scholars from the Colonial Williamsburg Architectural Research Department. A team of students and professors will document approximately 12 historic structures in Beaufort and the surrounding islands.

Sponsoring Organization: C.C. Pinckney Elementary School
Project Title: Pinckney Patriots Unified by Weaving
Project Director: Annette Francis
Awarded: $1,200; cost-share: $1,573
C.C. Pinckney Elementary School will offer an educational weaving residency that will involve all grade levels. Artist Victoria Sowers of Sandy Creek Weavers will teach students about weaving; students will also learn about textile production throughout history and in South Carolina.

Sponsoring Organization: Katie & Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center
Project Title: The South Carolina Shalom Project – Part 1
Project Director: Lyssa Harvey
Awarded: $1,400; cost-share:$2,523
The Katie & Irwin Kahn Jewish Community Center plans a two-year, multi-part project to illuminate issues of cultural differences, religious differences, and tolerance. Part 1 will be a full-day program for an interfaith mix of youth, including a creative writing workshop and panel discussion on tolerance.

Sponsoring Organization: Midlands Technical College
Project Title: In Their Own Words: A History of Harbison Institute – Preserving and Sharing Interviews
Project Director: Helen Kingkade
Awarded: $1,500; cost-share: $30,726
Midlands Technical College will continue work on the oral history project and documentary, In Their Own Words: A History of Harbison Institute. The project, originally started in 2005, has captured oral histories of alumni at the African American Harbison Institute, resulting in a 33 minute documentary. Project organizers will expand the project by completing additional research and interviews, professionally transcribing and organizing the research materials, and re-editing a final cut version of the documentary suitable for public television.

Sponsoring Organization: Temple B’nai Israel and Morningside Baptist Church
Project Title: 2008 Spartanburg Interfaith Scholar-in-Residence Program
Project Director: Rabbi Yossi Leibowitz and Dr. Kirk Neely
Awarded: $1,500; cost-share: $15,650
The first “Spartanburg Interfaith Scholar-in-Residence Program” will facilitate interfaith dialogue and understanding. Dr. Amy-Jill Levine will speak at four locations on topics related to the program theme, “The Historical Jesus in Context.” Programs will take place in late August 2008 at USC-Upstate, Temple B’nai Israel, Morningside Baptist Church, and Central United Methodist Church in Spartanburg.

Sponsoring Organization: Centre Stage – South Carolina
Project Title: Centre Stage – South Carolina’s 2008 New Play Festival
Project Director: B.J. Koonce
Awarded: $1,500; cost-share: $13,815
The 6th Annual New Play Festival is a six-day event presenting public readings of five new plays, four selected from entries in a nationwide contest and one by playwright-in-residence, Arlene Hutton. Each reading is followed by discussion between the audience and the playwright, moderated by a scholar. The event is free and open to the public.

Sponsoring Organization: Coastal Discovery Museum
Project Title: Daufuskie Island, Photographs by Jeanne Montoussamy-Ashe – Exhibit
Project Director: Natalie Hefter
Awarded: $1,000; cost-share: $11,300
The Coastal Discovery Museum on Hilton Head Island will host an exhibit of photographs of Daufuskie Island from the 1970s and 1980s taken by photographer and scholar Jeanne Montoussamy-Ashe. Interpretive materials will describe the Gullah culture of the island and how development has changed the island and its people in the last thirty years. The exhibit will be on display from November 15, 2008 – March 1, 2009.

Sponsoring Organization: Furman University
Project Title: Science Inspiring Art: Peter Sis and The Tree of Life: Charles Darwin
Project Director: Michael Svec
Awarded: $1,500; cost-share: $3,745
Furman University will host a series of three lectures in Greenville by noted artist and children’s book author Peter Sis in February 2009 in celebration of the bicentennial of Charles Darwin’s birth.

Sponsoring Organization: USC Aiken
Project Title: The Documentary Edgewood
Project Director: Deidre Martin
Awarded: $1,500; cost-share: $2,500
The University of South Carolina Aiken will create a two-part documentary film about the historic Pickens-Salley House, formerly known as Edgewood. The documentary will investigate the two famous women who lived in the home, Lucy Pickens and Eulalie Salley, and will present the history of the house from pre-Civil War to the Civil Rights era.

Sponsoring Organization: Gibbes Museum of Art
Project Title: Alfred Hutty: A Reassessment
Project Director: Sara C. Arnold
Awarded: $1,350; cost-share: $2,430
The Gibbes Museum of Art plans a major traveling exhibition on the artist Alfred Hutty, who has strong Charleston ties and is considered one of the leading artists of the Charleston Renaissance. The Exhibit will debut in January 2012.