2011 Awarded Grants

The following grants were awarded by SC Humanities in fiscal year 2011 (November 1, 2010 – October 31, 2011).

Major Grants

Sponsoring Organization: University of South Carolina (USC Union)
Project Title: Upcountry Literary Festival
Project Director: Randy K. Ivey
Outright: $2,500; cost-share: $9,200

The University of South Carolina Union presented the Union County Literary Festival on March 11-12, 2011. The festival featured a variety of local and regional authors in presentations, break-out sessions, workshops, and other formats, including a special “Dinner with Authors” event.

Sponsoring Organization: Morgan Allen Platt Foundation
Project Title: 3rd Annual American Indian Expo
Project Director: Laurine T. Charles
Outright: $2,500; cost-share: $28,834

The Morgan Allen Platt Foundation presented the 3rd Annual American Indian Expo on March 24 – 26, 2011 at Charles Towne Landing State Historic Site in Charleston. The expo had two days of programming for K-12 students, with approximately 1,500 students in attendance, and the final day was open to a general public.

Sponsoring Organization: Sandlapper Singers
Project Title: Music and Conversation about the Civil War Experience
Project Director: Constance B. Schulz
Outright: $2,370; cost-share: $17,375

Sandlapper Singers presented a two-part concert and discussion series about the Civil War that took place in March and April 2011. “Music and Conversation about the Civil War Experience” featured a public lecture and discussion at the South Carolina State Museum about how ordinary Americans experienced the Civil War on March 27, 2011 followed by a concert of Civil War Music performed by the Sandlapper Singers, interspersed with readings and historic photographs, on April 1, 2011.

Sponsoring Organization: ETV Endowment of SC
Project Title: Carolina Stories: The Gonzales-Tillman Affair
Project Director: Amy Schumaker
Outright: $5,000; cost-share: $85,434
SCETV will create an original hour-long documentary titled The Gonzales-Tillman Affair that will explore the 1903 murder of the outspoken and controversial newspaper editor N.G. Gonzales, who founded The State newspaper.

Sponsoring Organization: Historic Columbia Foundation
Project Title: Woodrow Wilson Family Home Virtual Interpretation
Project Director: John Sherrer
Outright: $7,500; cost-share: $19,400
Historic Columbia Foundation has created an interactive virtual exhibit for the Woodrow Wilson Family Home in downtown Columbia. The virtual exhibit showcases two important and generally inaccessible areas of the historic home: the food preparation area (pantry and kitchen) and the bathroom. The virtual exhibit was launched in November 2011.

Sponsoring Organization: South Carolina Research Foundation
Project Title: War by Another Means: Perspectives on Insurgencies Symposium
Project Director: Captain Brett Lea
Outright: $6,000; cost-share: $23,368
The Institute for Southern Studies at the University of South Carolina presented a major symposium titled “War By Another Means: Perspectives on Insurgencies” in October 2011 in Columbia. The symposium focused on the idea of insurgency as a form of armed conflict and the many varieties that it has taken over the years, from slave insurrections, to the Confederacy as an insurgency, to communist insurgency in China, to the prevalence of insurgency in modern warfare in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Sponsoring Organization: Southern Documentary Fund
Project Title: Enemy Mine: The Story of German POWs in America
Project Director: Alison Jones
Outright: $2,500; cost-share: $49,170
“Enemy Mine” will be a 60-minute radio documentary that investigates the story of German prisoners of war in America during World War II. The first half of the documentary will focus on a story from SC of German POWs working at the Camlin family farm in Florence.

Sponsoring Organization: Newberry County Chamber of Commerce
Project Title: Project Impact
Project Director: Liz MacDonald
Outright: $3,000; cost-share: $7,435
The Newberry County Chamber of Commerce offered a series of civic dialogues in Newberry called Project Impact in March and April 2011. Two public forums on the topics Economics, Education, and Society were moderated by an outside facilitator.

Sponsoring Organization: South Carolina African American Heritage Foundation
Project Title: African American Civil War Lecture Series
Project Director: Joseph McGill, Jr.
Outright: $7,000; Cost-share: $21,892
The South Carolina African American Heritage Foundation will maintain a roster of scholars who can speak about the African American experience in the Civil War and promote them around the state during the Sesquicentennial commemorations. Four lecture programs will take place quarterly in 2012: Penn Center on February 9, Hartsville Memorial Library on May 17, Spartanburg Regional History Museum on August 23, and South Carolina Department of Archives and History on October 25.

Sponsoring Organization: Edgefield County Historical Society
Project Title: Pottersville: Home of Alkaline Glazed Stoneware
Project Director: George Calfas
Outright: $7,500; Cost-share: $18,508
The Edgefield County Historical Society will create a short documentary film of 8 – 10 minutes showcasing the alkaline-glazed stoneware tradition that is so important in Edgefield County. The film will be presented at the Joanne T. Rainsford Discovery Center in Edgefield, the McKissick Museum in Columbia, at regional historical society meetings, as well as on several websites, including SCETV’s KnowItAll.org, which reaches K-12 classrooms across the state.

Sponsoring Organization: Cherokee Bear Clan of South Carolina
Project Title: History of the Cherokee in the Upstate of South Carolina
Project Director: Luther Lyle
Outright: $7,500; Cost-share: $8,850
The Museum of the Cherokee in South Carolina will create a 10 – 12 minute video on the history of the Cherokee people in South Carolina to be shown at the museum, the Oconee Heritage Center, and the Oconee Chamber of Commerce as well as on the websites of these organizations.

Sponsoring Organization: Columbia Museum of Art
Project Title: Grand American Vision Humanities Lecture Series
Project Director: Leslie Pierce
Outright: $4,000; Cost-share: $16,845
The Columbia Museum of Art will present a lecture series to coincide with their display of the exhibit Nature and the Grand American Vision: Masterpieces of the Hudson River Painters from November 17, 2011 – April 1, 2012.

Sponsoring Organization: Converse College
Project Title: High Culture, Low Culture, Southern Culture? The Converse Conference on Southern Culture
Project Director: Dr. Anita Rose
Outright: $4,000; Cost-share: $21,125
Converse College will host a major conference on Southern Culture titled “High Culture, Low Culture, Southern Culture” on April 9 – 14, 2012 in Spartanburg.


Mini and Planning Grants:

Sponsoring Organization: Arts Council of York County
Project Title: Quilts and Their Stories…
Project Director: Debra Heintz
Outright: $2,000; cost-share: $3,580
The Arts Council of York County in partnership with Historic Rock Hill and the York County Quilters coordinated a documentation and exhibition project about quilts. The partners identified a regional inventory of quilts for permanent files and created a temporary exhibit at each of three galleries in Rock Hill in March and April 2011.

Sponsoring Organization: South Carolina Federation of Museums
Project Title: SCFM Annual Conference, 2011 – Museums Matter
Project Director: Christian Cicimurri
Outright: $1,480; cost-share: $3,281
The South Carolina Federation of Museums (SCFM) used grant funds to support the keynote address and an exhibit workshop at their annual conference on March 9 – March 11, 2011 in Columbia, which reached hundreds of museum professionals and other members.

Sponsoring Organization: Boys & Girls Club of the Upstate
Project Title: The Place Project
Project Director: Heidi Fortune
Outright: $2,000; cost-share: $11,130
The Boys & Girls Club of the Upstate offered a series of cultural and artistic classes called The Place Project for approximately 300 of the needy youth that they serve. The Place Project included courses in photography, creative writing, and filmmaking that helped the student participants understand the importance of place in art and storytelling.

Sponsoring Organization: Charleston County Public Library
Project Title: Black History Month Celebration
Project Director: Kathy Sanders
Outright: $1,200; cost-share: $4,008
The St. Andrew’s Branch of the Charleston County Public Library offered a one-day Black History Month celebration event on Saturday, February 19, 2011. The event featured reenactments and presentations by the 54th Massachusetts Civil War Reenactment Group, a musical performance by The Plantation Singers, and Hip Hop Hooks on Black History, an educational musical performance that explores different aspects of African American history.

Sponsoring Organization: I.P. Stanback Museum & Planetarium (South Carolina State University)
Project Title: Zora Neale Hurston: Jump at the Sun
Project Director: Ellen Zisholtz
Outright: $2,000; cost-share: $2,000
The I.P. Stanback Museum and Planetarium at South Carolina State University was the sponsoring organization and coordinator for a three-stop screening tour of the documentary Zora Neale Hurston: Jump at the Sun. The documentary, which appeared on national PBS in 2008, was screened at three major African-American cultural organizations in March 2011: Penn Center on St. Helena Island, the I.P. Stanback Museum and Planetarium, and the Avery Research Center at the College of Charleston.

Sponsoring Organization: Edgefield County Historical Society
Project Title: Pottersville: 200 Years of Pottery Production in the Edgefield District
Project Director: George Calfas
Outright: $1,050; cost-share: $1,450
The Edgefield County Historical Society presented a 5-part lecture series in June 2011 on the tradition of pottery production in Edgefield County.

Sponsoring Organization: C.C. Pinckney Elementary School
Project Title: Visiting Author Inspires Pinckney Patriots
Project Director: Annette Francis
Outright: $1,275; cost-share: $1,414
C.C. Pinckney Elementary School will bring author/illustrator Chris Soentpiet to the school to visit 3rd, 4th, 5th, and 6th grade classrooms and to give a teacher workshop in March 2012.

Sponsoring Organization: Charleston County Public Library
Project Title: One Book, One Charleston
Project Director: Douglas Henderson
Outright: $1,993 ; cost-share: $45,938
Charleston County Public Library supported a community-wide reading project during a six-week period of time in August and September 2011 in partnership with the Avery Research Center at the College of Charleston, the Lowcountry Rice Project, and the Post and Courier. Events included lectures, film screenings, and book discussions about the book Daugters of the Dust by Julie Dash.

Sponsoring Organization: Aiken Women’s Club – GFWC-SC
Project Title: Aiken’s Wild Read
Project Director: Darlene Rittel
Outright: $2,000 ; cost-share: $6,675
The Aiken Women’s Club implemented a community-wide reading project in Aiken in October 2011 using The Call of the Wild by Jack London. Activities included exhibits, book discussions, readings, dramatic presentations, film screenings, a keynote lecture by noted London biographer Dr. Jeanne Campbell Reesman and more.

Sponsoring Organization: Franklin G. Burroughs – Simeon B. Chapin Art Museum (Myrtle Beach)
Project Title: Wish You Were Here (interpretive texts and panel discussion)
Project Director: Cynthia Farnell
Outright: $1,000; cost-share: $2,000
Cynthia Farnell and Dan Powell will exhibit a collection of photographs taken from the Waikiki Village, a long-time tourist motel in Myrtle Beach, for a January-February 2012 showing at the Myrtle Beach Art Museum.  A panel discussion with two scholars and the artist/photographer will take place on Sunday, February 26, 2012.

Sponsoring Organization: Spartanburg Interfaith Connections
Project Title: Modern Jews and Christians Engage the New Testament: An Interfaith Scholar-in-Residence Program
Project Director: Rabbi Yossi Leibowitz
Outright: $1,500; cost-share: $4,800
Temple B’nai Israel, Morningside Baptist Church, Central United Methodist Church, and USC Upstate partnered to bring scholar Dr. Michael Cook to speak at a series of four lectures in Spartanburg in November 2011 on the theme of “What can Jews learn from the New Testament, and what can Christians learn from Jews who engage Christianity.”

Sponsoring Organization: Olde Towne Preservation Association
Project Title: Colonial Times: A Day to Remember
Project Director: Lynn Thompson
Outright: $1,500; cost-share: $26,600
The Living History Park in North Augusta celebrated its 20th anniversary and presented the largest ever of its annual “Colonial Times” program on October 14 – 16, 2011. More than 60 living history interpreters demonstrated skills and art forms from the Colonial era. Friday, October 14 was reserved for school children, and Saturday, October 15 and Sunday, October 16 were open to a general public.

Sponsoring Organization: Actors’ Theatre of South Carolina
Project Title: Captain Felder and Forgotten South Carolinian Heroes of the War for American Independence
Project Director: Chris Weatherhead
Outright: $1,000; cost-share: $4,385
Actors’ Theatre of South Carolina will produce educational materials for classroom use based on the film All For Liberty that describes the Revolutionary War in South Carolina, particularly noting some little-known participants like Captain Felder of Orangeburg.