Joseph Kerr Monument Restoration

The Newberry County Historical and Museum Society will restore an important monument in the Newberry Village Cemetery. The obelisk-like monument honors Joseph Kerr, a lawyer educated at Yale College. This restoration is part of a larger project to encourage other marker restorations. In addition to the restoration, a public program will take place in the fall of 2014 to dedicate the monument and interpret the history of the Newberry Village Cemetery. SC Humanities supported this project with a Mini Grant in April 2014.

Joseph Kerr’s monument shows an important connection between Yale College and Litchfield Law School. The Litchfield Law School educated 97 members of the US House of Representatives, 28 US Senators, 2 vice-presidents, as well as Supreme Court justices and governors.

The date of the monument dedication will be announced when it is confirmed.

For more information about the Joseph Kerr monument restoration or the Newberry Village Cemetery, please contact the Newberry County Historical and Museum Society at 803-321-6688.

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