Heritage Days at the Depot

The 13th Annual Heritage Days at the Depot will be held Oct. 5 – 7, 2017 in historic Belton, SC. A signature event for the Belton Area Museum Association, Heritage Days at the Depot exists to encourage, promote, conserve, and honor the traditional art forms and heritage skills that make our state distinct. SC Humanities supported this program with a Mini Grant.

“The overall aim is to provide a venue for historical interpretation/demonstration of the skills and artistry of our ancestors which will increase public discourse about, awareness of, interest in and appreciation of these skills,” said organizer Alison Darby.

During the event, fifteen demonstrators will present to school children and the general public.  The presenters include Gale McKinley (split oak basket  weaver), Chris Weik (Native American flute maker), Justin Guy (traditional potter), Millie Chaplin (Southern story teller),  Thomas “Stick Man” Williams (Gullah cane carver), Larry Brown (Catawba beader), Bill  and Liza Lacasse (zither makers), Wesley Owens (bladesmith),  Jonathon Harper (lure carver), Heyward Haltiwanger (miller), Rick Owens (log cabin builder), Scott Beam (wheelwright), Karen Cox (soap maker), Barbara Ervin (printmaker/typesetter), and Benjamin Raven Pressley (Native American weapons).

Education Days will take place on Thursday and Friday.  Children in grades 2 – 5 in Anderson School District Two, area home schooled students, and private school classes (approximately 2,000 students) will attend at least five sessions of 20 minutes each with various presenters.

“It is amazing the comments we receive every year from the students who attend.  The presentations they experience really open their eyes to the hardships and differences in lifestyles from over a century ago,”  Darby added.

The 13th  Annual Heritage Days at the Depot living history and folk skills event will be open to the public during the Belton Standpipe Heritage and Arts Festival on  Saturday, Oct. 7, from 9:30 AM – 3:30 PM, on the grounds of the historic Belton Train Depot.  Admission is free.

More information about the Belton Area Museum Association can be found at their website: http://beltonmuseum.com/.

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Image Courtesy of Belton Area Museum Association