To host a Let’s Talk About It: Reading and Discussion program, please complete and submit the two-page application. The application should be submitted at least four weeks in advance of the desired program date.

Let’s Talk About It Application | pdf file

Please return the application to The Humanities Council SC office:

Fax: 803-771-2487

Mail: P.O. Box 5287
Columbia, SC 29250

Important information for applicants:  Due to federal regulations implemented on October 1, 2010, SC Humanities now requires all grant applicants to have a DUNS number and provide it on their grant application.  This includes organizations (sponsoring and/or co-sponsoring) applying to host a Let’s Talk About It: Reading and Discussion program.  The Data Universal Number System (DUNS) number is a unique nine-character number that identifies your organization. It is a tool of the federal government to track how federal money is distributed.  Most large organizations, libraries, colleges and research universities already have DUNS numbers.  Ask your grant administrator or chief financial officer to provide your organization’s DUNS number.  If your organization does not have a registered DUNS number, it is very easy to obtain one.  Download the DUNS Number Instructions and FAQs for more information.