Robert Smalls “Rising to the Occasion”

Presented by Donald Sweeper.

**Donald Sweeper requests an additional honorarium to the $250 contributed by SC Humanities.

This is a stage reenactment which is approximately 35 minutes long in which Donald Sweeper portrays Robert Smalls Chautauqua-style, as if the current year is 1895. Donald Sweeper dramatizes the commandeering of the Planter boat on the early morning of May 13, 1862 as Robert Smalls piloted through the Charleston Harbor undetected by the Confederates and sailed past Fort Sumter on the way to the Union blockade forces situated out into the Atlantic. At the end of this performance, Donald Sweeper entertains questions in character  as Robert Smalls and then later takes the beard and mustache off and answers personal questions as well.

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