Trotting Sally: The Roots and Legacy of a Folk Hero

Presented by John Fowler.

**John Fowler requests an additional honorarium to the $250 contributed by SC Humanities.

This lecture is based on one of South Carolina’s premiere folk legends. John blends his powerful storytelling and traditional musical talents to share the interesting life-story of one of South Carolina’s famous and elusive turn-of-the-century African Americans. Through captivating performances, John weaves the history and folklore of the life of George Mullins. Fowler tells two tales: the story of Trotting Sally, an infamous street musician; and the real man few knew — George Mullins, who was born into slavery and built a new life as a free man, brick by brick. The presentation is based on Fowler’s book Trotting Sallythe Roots and Legacy of a Folk Hero. This presentation is not just a lecture—Fowler uses rare visual imagery, storytelling and 19th music during his presentation. The presentation is great for everyone and would be especially intriguing for history students and/or clubs, genealogy studies and/or organizations, and general audience populations. This program can easily conclude with time for Q&A.

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