Read like a Writer

Read like a Writer Presented by Kasie Whitener. More than just knowing you could have said it better, reading like a writer means understanding what the writer meant to do in a given passage. There are specific choices writers make in character, scene, and plot. This workshop is for avid readers who want to adopt … Read more

Writers’ Work: Re-Vision Means Seeing the Work Again

Writers’ Work: Re-Vision Means Seeing the Work Again Presented by Kasie Whitener. Learning to re-vise or “see again” is the most important skill in creative writing. This workshop addresses the challenges of revision from the shortest flash fiction to a complete novel. This session provides basic principles of revision and practical tools for approaching the … Read more

Character Arcs and Plot Models

Character Arcs and Plot Models Presented by Kasie Whitener. This storytelling workshop presents the vocabulary for writers crafting short stories and novels. Who is the story about? What do they want? In exploration of genre expectations, seven basic plots, and the expected paths characters will follow, this workshop helps novice (and experience) writers name the … Read more

Paths to Publishing

Paths to Publishing Presented by Kasie Whitener. Do I need a literary agent? Should I self-publish? How much do I need to know about marketing? Publishing now resembles a matrix of independent, hybrid, and traditional paths complicated by full-service, partial-service, and no-service options. This workshop is for aspiring authors wondering what options are available to … Read more