Edith Russell, Titanic Survivor

Edith Russell, Titanic Survivor Presented by Debra Conner. Edith Russell, Titanic survivor.  Fashion designer and journalist, flamboyant Edith Russell, loved the limelight.  As a first-class passenger on the doomed ship, she required a first-class cabin for herself and a first-class cabin for her clothing.  Her vivid, first-hand accounts of the sinking are spellbinding. Click here … Read more

Margaret Mitchell, Author of Gone With the Wind

Margaret Mitchell, Author of Gone With the Wind Presented by Debra Conner. Margaret Mitchell was the author of Gone With the Wind, a book that has influenced the way Americans view the Civil War.  Mitchell was a reluctant celebrity and a brilliant storyteller.  Few people know that her gifts to Atlanta’s historically black college, Morehouse, still … Read more

Emily Dickinson, Legendary Reclusive Poet

Emily Dickinson, Legendary Reclusive Poet Presented by Debra Conner. Emily Dickinson is the legendary reclusive poet from Amherst, Massachusetts.  Although virtually unknown during her lifetime, Dickinson is now considered one of the greatest poets who ever lived.  Her path to publication and her wit will surprise.  Prepare to be entertained by her views on everything … Read more