Write a Letter

SC Humanities supports and creates public humanities programs for all South Carolinians. We are primarily federally funded through the National Endowment for the Humanities. We encourage all SC Humanities grant recipients or program participants to contact their legislators about their experience.

In your letter, we suggest you:

  • explain the significance of the humanities event or project to your community
  • thank the legislators for recognizing the importance of humanities programming
  • ask for their continued support of SC Humanities

Because of heightened security measures in and around our nation’s capitol, regular mail delivery can be delayed. SC Humanities encourages people to fax their correspondence to the congressional delegation at their Washington, DC addresses or mail it to their local office.

Please remember to send us a copy of all correspondence to legislators and congressmen regarding SC Humanities projects! Copies can be sent to the attention of T.J. Wallace, P.O. Box 5287, Columbia, SC 29250.

Your letter of support will impact awareness of and illustrate enthusiasm for the public humanities. Thank you!

South Carolina Congressional Delegation contact information | Word® Document