SC Humanities Announces New Themed Request for Proposals on “The Common Good”

In an effort to support projects that demonstrate the critical role the humanities play in our public life and in understanding contemporary issues, SC Humanities has launched a new statewide Request for Proposals (RFP) titled “South Carolina: The Common Good.”

SC Humanitiesseeks proposals from interested institutional or nonprofit applicants that use humanities scholarship to engage the public in understanding some of today’s most challenging issues and pressing concerns, including such topics as education, citizenship, information technology, changing demographics, the changing relationship between humans and the natural world, and more.

SC Humanities has periodically issued themed Requests for Proposals over the years, including “The Graying of South Carolina,” “Religion in South Carolina,” “This is Not Your Grandparents’ South Carolina: The Changing Face of the Palmetto State,” and most recently “Know Your History, Community, Family” in 2014.

Randy Akers, Executive Director of SC Humanities, says: “A Request for Proposals allows SC Humanities the opportunity to consider important issues affecting the state and gives us a way to shape programming relevant to our citizens. We hope that this particular RFP helps interested applicants draw upon the humanities to engage citizens  in dialogue and understanding complex and often divisive issues that threaten the common good.”

Applications responding to “South Carolina: The Common Good” will be accepted during the next Major Grant deadlines on Wednesday, January 13, 2016 and will be in the normal competitive pool for Council review. Awards will be in the $2,000 to $8,000 range.

The full RFP, grant guidelines, and application for “South Carolina: The Common Good” are available on SC Humanities website at Contact Theresa J. Wallace, Grants & Programs Officer, for more information, or 803-771-2477.