Artist Talk with Madame Magar & Kaminer Haislip

Join us for an artist lecture by indigo artist Madame Magar and silversmith Kaminer Haislip in the upstairs Brown Pavilion. This event will relate directly to their exhibition Interwoven: The Art of Indigo and Silver.

Kaminer Haislip will present a lecture on the history of colonial Charleston silversmithing and how it relates to her contemporary silver designs. She will describe her handcrafted process in which she uses tools and techniques employed by silversmiths for centuries. Nationally recognized for her metalwork, Kaminer is the only silversmith practicing in Charleston. Inspired by Charleston’s long-standing silversmithing tradition, she feels compelled to carry it forth.
Madame Magar Milliner turned textile artist, Magar has established a small-batch label that combines art,
fashion, history, and performance. The “Seed to Stitch” project was inspired by her sea island home’s Indigo history; both rich and tangled. Madame Magar will talk about indigo; her processes and it’s history in South Carolina.