Awarded Grants

SC Humanities funds numerous projects in South Carolina through Major Grants, Mini Grants, Planning Grants, and Fast Track Literary Grants.

Grants awarded in fiscal year 2024 (November 1, 2023 – October 31, 2024) are displayed below. Grants awarded in fiscal years 2007 – 2023 can be viewed by clicking on the links on this page. For previous records, please contact T.J. Wallace at 803-771-2477.

Major Grants


Mini and Planning Grants

Sponsoring Organization: Ballet Spartanburg
Project Title: Ballet Spartanburg’s African Dance Community Outreach Class
Project Director: Susan Woodham
Awarded: $3,950; Cost-share: $4,000
Ballet Spartanburg will present a free weekly African Dance class to the community from January 3 to May 23, 2024. West African dance instructor Angela Alderson will instruct the one-hour course, accompanied by a West African drumming group led by Page Rogers. The class will include information about West African culture, history, and storytelling as the group learns the origins of each dance. Students who participate in the class may have the opportunity to participate in a spring dance demonstration.

Sponsoring Organization: Lander University
Project Title: Lander University Film Festival
Project Director: Dr. Robert Stevenson
Awarded: $4,955; Cost-share: $5,000
Lander University will host their 14th annual Lander Film Festival on March 30, 2024. The Festival includes both a short film competition open to high school, college, and other filmmakers, as well as a series of scholar and filmmaker-led sessions on topics like the history of a classic film, the work of the Greenwood Film Society, the ties between film and theater, and a screening and discussion of the documentary S. Lander: His Life and Legacy. The festival is free and will be widely promoted in the Lakelands region.

Sponsoring Organization: Goodwill Cultural Center Planning Project
Project Title: Goodwill Cultural Center Planning Project
Project Director: Johnnie Monroe
Awarded: $5,000; Cost-share: $5,000
The Goodwill Educational and Historical Society supports the history, culture, and heritage of the Salem-Black River Community of Sumter County, SC and in particular the history of the Goodwill School, a parochial school for African American children located near Mayesville that opened in 1870. They are requesting support for a planning retreat and strategic planning process to review their mission and vision and to establish short and long-range goals that will help with sustainability of their organization. The strategic planning process will be led by Dr. Karen Chandler, formerly of the College of Charleston, and will take place in January and February 2024. They will then search for an Executive Director and plan an open house in September 2024 to engage the community and build excitement about future programming opportunities.

Sponsoring Organization: Richland Library
Project Title: Conversation with Richard Rothstein and Leah Rothstein
Project Director: Clo Cammarata
Awarded: $5,000; Cost-share: $7,500
Richland Library will present a moderated conversation with authors Richard Rothstein and Leah Rothstein about their new book Just Action: How to Challenge Segregation Enacted Under the Color of Law. The book investigates how concerned citizens and community leaders can work together to address issues of segregation and inequality. The program will take place on Thursday, January 25, 2024 at the main branch of Richland Library. Tameika Isaac Devine will be the moderator. Richland Library expects 150 people to attend this event, which is a follow-up to their “Color of Law” series in 2021.

Sponsoring Organization: Senior Resources, Inc.
Project Title: The Lourie Lectures Winter 2024
Project Director: Mekia Burgess
Awarded: $3,500; Cost-share: $7,200
Senior Resources will host five courses in February 2024 at the Lourie Center as part of their bi-annual “Lourie Lectures” program. Each themed course includes four hour-long classes and costs $30. The proposed courses for February are: “Media Literacy in the Age of the Internet” led by Frank Baker (confirmed), “Beginning Genealogy” led by Sue Eleazer (confirmed), “Ethnobotany: Conversations about plants and People, Past and Present” led by Dr. Gail Wagner (confirmed), “The History of Columbia Neighborhoods” (unconfirmed), and “Urban Farms and Breweries” (unconfirmed). The programs are primarily intended for retired adults who are members of the Lourie Center but they are open to the community.

Sponsoring Organization: Black Women Legacies
Project Title: Black Women Legacies Digital Humanities Design & South Carolina Memorial Survey Planning
Project Director: Dr. Alexandria Russell
Awarded: $5,000; Cost-share: $15,800
Black Women Legacies is developing a digital platform that will educate and inform about monuments around the country that highlight black women. This grant will support a collaborative weekend of planning that will include working on a South Carolina Memorial survey, to identify monuments and buildings in South Carolina to include, as well as working with their chosen provider, Trivium Interactive, to plan the design and functionality of the website. This planning weekend will take place February 23 – 25 and will include attendance on Saturday, February 24 at the “History Makers: South Carolina Women Who Persevered” conference at the SC Department of Archives and History.

Sponsoring Organization: University of South Carolina/Anne Frank Center
Project Title: Anne Frank and the Art of Storytelling Leadership Camp
Project Director: Amy Austermiller and Kevin Durden
Awarded: $5,000; Cost-share: $5,300
The Anne Frank Center at the University of South Carolina will offer summer camp programs in 2024 for students ages 12 – 16. One week of the “Anne Frank and the Art of Storytelling” camp will be dedicated to serving refugee students, and the other week is intended for underserved traditional South Carolina students identified through schools that have previously partnered with the Center. In 2024, they are also planning a new two-day “leadership camp” for alumni of the traditional camp weeks. The leadership camp will provide these alumni students with the opportunity to continue to develop the skills to mentor their peers in the future. The leadership camp activities follow the “See One, Do One, Teach One” methodology and include choosing excerpts from Anne’s diary that are accessible to ELL and non-ELL students, crafting and leading a tour of the permanent exhibit for a diverse group of students, guiding students through the process of choosing a creative project, evaluating student projects, and more. The Leadership Camp will take place in Fall 2024.

Fast Track Literary Grants 

Sponsoring Organization: Lancaster County Council of the Arts
Project Title: Inaugural Lancaster County Literary Festival 2024
Project Director: Eric Grace
Awarded: $3,000; Cost-share: $5,000
The Lancaster County Council of the Arts will present their first Lancaster County Literary Festival from April 12 – 14, 2024. The programming will include a community read featuring the book Lowcountry Boil by Susan Boyer for adults and P is for Palmetto by Carol Crane for children. Susan Boyer will be featured in a public program on April 13th. Additionally, there will be a poetry and open mic event on April 14, and a “StoryWalk” (displays of pages from a children’s book along a guided walking path) will be installed downtown.

For more information about the Grants Program or any of SC Humanities’ funded projects, please contact Theresa (T.J.) Wallace, the Assistant Director, at 803-771-2477.