Awarded Grants

SC Humanities funds numerous projects in South Carolina through Major Grants, Mini Grants, Planning Grants, and Fast Track Literary Grants.

Grants awarded in fiscal year 2022 (November 1, 2021 – October 31, 2022) are displayed below. Grants awarded in fiscal years 2007 – 2021 can be viewed by clicking on the links on this page. For previous records, please contact T.J. Wallace at 803-771-2477.

Major Grants

Sponsoring Organization: Sigal Music Museum
Project Title: “The Sounds of America” Exhibit
Project Director: Thomas Strange
Awarded: $10,000; Cost-share: $54,200
The Sigal Music Museum in Greenville will present a new original exhibit titled “The Sounds of America,” opening in June 2022. The exhibit will feature instruments from 1750 to the present and stories about them that explore elements of American history as well as America’s pivotal role in the world music industry. The exhibit will include numerous significant instruments from the museum’s collection, informational banners, sound sticks, and QR codes to create an immersive experience into American music history. The museum will also build a re-creation of the store front of Greenville’s first music store and display related artifacts.

Sponsoring Organization: South East Rural Community Outreach
Project Title: Juneteenth Celebration at the Harriet Barber House
Project Director: Mary B. Kirkland
Awarded: $8,000; Cost-share: $15,000
On June 19th, 2022, South East Rural Community Outreach will present a major Juneteenth celebration event on the grounds of the historic Harriet Barber House that will include tours of the house, Chautauqua-style historic impersonations of the figures of Sam and Harriet Barber, exhibits, a symposium lecture with scholars, performances, and re-enactments. The event is intended to highlight the unique history of the Barber family, the Reconstruction Era, and the history of Lower Richland County.

Sponsoring Organization: Fountain Inn Museum
Project Title:
 On the Banks of Durbin Creek
Project Director: Mary Hannah Willingham
Awarded: $5,787; Cost-share: $5,954
The Fountain Inn Museum will create a short, “silent” video that will show how Fountain Inn and its populations have evolved from the 1700s through the present. The film will be shown on a constant loop as part of the museum’s exhibits, and it will also be used as a portable educational and program tool at schools and other community venues. The film is expected to be completed in July and be introduced at the museum in August 2022.

Sponsoring Organization: Butler Heritage Foundation
Project Title: The History of the Butler Heritage Foundation
Project Director: Jennifer Heusel
Awarded: $10,000; Cost-share: $13,150
The Butler Heritage Foundation will create a documentary and printed publication tracing the history of the organization, especially how its creation related to school segregation in South Carolina. Oral histories of at least five interviewees, former graduates of or teachers at Butler High School, will be collected, and the foundation’s documents will be researched, organized, and archived. The research will be compiled into a 30-page publication and a 15-20-minute video, which will premiere at a special event at the Butler Community Center campus in January 2023.

Sponsoring Organization: Culture and Heritage Museums
Project Title: Historic Brattonsville Orientation Exhibit
Project Director: Zach Lemhouse
Awarded: $4,454; Cost-share: $5,608
The Culture and Heritage Museums will create a new orientation/welcome exhibit at Historic Brattonsville that will tell a more inclusive story with additional information about influential women and Brattonsville’s African American population. The exhibit will consist of 11 wall-mounted text panels, artifacts, a wall-mounted timeline, and audio-visual equipment to screen videos. The exhibit has an estimated opening in early fall 2022.

Sponsoring Organization: Stone Soup Storytelling Institute
Project Title: 2022 Stone Soup Storytelling Festival
Project Director: Karyn Page-Davies
Awarded: $4,837; Cost-share: $9,575
The 2022 Stone Soup Storytelling Festival is scheduled for April 22 – 24, 2022 in Woodruff, SC, a rural part of Spartanburg County. The event will offer four featured tellers and eight “new voices” presenters, who are “up and coming” storytellers. They will also send storytellers into local schools on the Friday of the festival. Several of the storytellers specialize in cultural stories, such as folktales, mythology, African mythology, black folklore, and Anansi stories. Opportunities for Q&A, discussion, and interaction amongst audience members and presenters are offered.

Sponsoring Organization: Able South Carolina
Project Title: The Bull Street Campus Through the Lens of the Disability Community
Project Director: Kimberly Tissot
Awarded: $9,158; Cost-share: $9,158
Able SC will partner with Historic Columbia to create a shared history about the Bull Street campus from the untold perspective of the disability community that once lived there. This will be a multi-channel project, starting with a public website sharing stories of patients, family members, former employees, and advocates. The website will be accessible to all but will be especially designed for use in schools, adding the disability rights movement to the Civil Rights curriculum. Additionally, a second phase will create wayside signage to be installed around the Bull Street District, and eventually there will be a series of educational forums, tours, and an event in July 2023 commemorating the 33rd anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Sponsoring Organization: Center for Creative Partnerships
Project Title: Meltdown in Dixie: Engage, Empower, Transform
Project Director: Ellen Zisholtz
Awarded: $10,000; Cost-share: $23,800
The Center for Creative Partnerships will coordinate a series of public screenings and discussions of the documentary Meltdown in Dixie (2021), which examines the complexities of race and Southern culture through the story of a battle over display of a Confederate flag in Orangeburg, SC. The documentary was also funded by SC Humanities with a Major Grant. Between May 2022 and April 2023, the film will be screened at least monthly at 13 different venues, including Bamberg 2 Schools, USCB Performing Arts Center in Beaufort, Avery Research Center in Charleston, Florence County Museum, Georgetown County Library, Palmetto Theater in Hampton, Morris Center for Lowcountry Heritage in Ridgeland, The Echo Theater in Laurens, Newberry Opera House, Orangeburg County Library, Nickelodeon Theater in Columbia, and the Arts Council of York County. Each screening will be followed by a moderated discussion with both local and state scholars. Scholars William Hine and Larry Watson will design a discussion and study guide that will be made available to participants in the screenings. Some screenings might be live-streamed to include virtual audiences.

Sponsoring Organization: Moving Image Research Collection
Project Title: MIRC Regional Film Roadshow
Project Director: Lydia Pappas
Awarded: $9,931; Cost-share: $11,760
The Moving Image Research Collection (MIRC) at the University of South Carolina’s University Libraries Special Collections will present a series of four public film screenings of archival, amateur-made films in rural communities from May – August 2022. The films explore regional areas of the state but have generally never been screened or discussed in the communities they represent. The archival films will be digitized and made available online as well as screened to the local communities, and humanities scholars will provide contextualization. The four targeted communities are Saluda, Bennettsville, Georgetown, and Pendleton. In each community, MIRC and partners/scholars from Columbia will partner with local cultural institutions and local scholars to prepare programming notes and offer a community discussion.


Mini and Planning Grants

Sponsoring Organization: Clemson University
Project Title: Oconee County and Pickens County African American Heritage Sites Database
Project Director: Rhondda Robinson Thomas
Awarded: $1,996; Cost-share: $1,996
Clemson University will create a database of significant African American heritage sites in Oconee and Pickens Counties. The database will be used as the basis of several public programming opportunities, including an interactive African American Heritage Trail around Clemson’s campus, documentaries created by the International African American Museum, and entries in the South Carolina Green Book project. The database creation will take place from January – May 2022 and includes three parts: identifying heritage sites that already have markers, identifying heritage sites that have been recommended by community partners but don’t have historical markers, and researching new African American heritage sites.

Sponsoring Organization: Georgetown County Historical Society
Project Title: The Georgetown County Oral History Project
Project Director: Christine Anderson
Awarded: $2,000; Cost-share: $7,250
The Georgetown County Historical Society is planning an ongoing oral history project to collect oral histories of under-represented groups and communities, such as Gullah Geechee people and the county’s immigrant population. The first phase will focus on the desegregation of Winyah and Howard high schools and the 1981 burning of Winyah High. They will use Planning Grant funds to help them prepare for this larger project by procuring supplies and equipment, training volunteers to conduct oral histories, beginning to build connections in the potential communities that will be involved in the oral histories, promoting the project, and recording a few initial stories. Eventually, the oral histories will be accessible from the museum website, YouTube, and through digital collections.

Sponsoring Organization: The Progressive Club
Project Title: Interpretive Signage at The Progressive Club
Project Director: Joe Boykin
Awarded: $1,700; Cost-share: $8,740.50
The Progressive Club will use Planning Grant funds to begin the planning process for the mapping, placement, design, and thematic content of a series of interpretive signs on a walking trail at their historic campus on Johns Island. The Progressive Club was founded by Esau Jenkins in 1948 to help island residents exercise their civil rights, receive voter education and access, receive literacy education, and much more. They will partner with the Gullah Geechee Cultural Heritage Corridor, South Carolina State Historic Preservation Office, Avery Institute of Afro-American History and Culture, and Clemson/College of Charleston Master of Science in Historic Preservation Program.

Sponsoring Organization: Coastal Carolina University
Project Title: Gullah Geechee Community Day
Project Director: Gary Schmidt
Awarded: $2,000; Cost-share: $2,000
Coastal Carolina University will host their second “Gullah Geechee Community Day” on Saturday, February 26, 2022 in downtown Conway. The event will feature performers, storytellers, speakers, film screenings, craft exhibits and workshops, and cooking demonstrations. Presenters and scholars who attend the International Gullah and African Diaspora Conference, hosted by Coastal Carolina University on February 25th, will participate in the public community day as well. The Gullah Geechee Community day is free.

Sponsoring Organization: South Carolina State University
Project Title: Words Across the Water III: Writing and Discourse Across the Black Atlantic
Project Director: Thomas Cassidy
Awarded: $2,000; Cost-share: $2,945
South Carolina State University will present their third “Words Across the Water” seminar series. The 2022 series “Writing and Discourse Across the Black Atlantic” will include three monthly hybrid programs in February, March, and April 2022 on the topics of “Carnival and Writing,” “Women’s Traditions and Transformations,” and “Poetry and Song.” Each session will have an in-person meeting at SC State University with the speakers appearing virtually through Zoom; attendees can also participate virtually.

Sponsoring Organization: Pat Conroy Literary Center
Project Title: Beaufort Human Library
Project Director: Jonathan Haupt
Awarded: $2,000; Cost-share: $6,950
The Pat Conroy Literary Center will help coordinate a “Human Library” program on Sunday, April 4 as part of Beaufort’s National Library Week program. Twenty volunteers with diverse backgrounds and perspectives will serve as human “books” that can be checked out by event attendees to share their personal stories and have a conversation that is intended to promote empathy, civility, and inclusivity. Potential book topics include “P.K.: Growing Up as a Pastor’s Kid,” “Soy Americano,” “Living With Crohn’s,” “How To Be a Female Priest,” and “Crime, Punishment, and Femininity: Life as an Undercover Cop.” The program will be offered in partnership with the Beaufort County Library and the National Human Library Organization, among others.

Sponsoring Organization: Gullah Geechee Group Inc
Project Title: UKWELI: In Search of Healing Truth Conference (Gullah Geechee Linkin Up Fa True)
Project Director: Herb Frazier
Awarded: $2,000; Cost-share: $2,000
Gullah Geechee Group Inc. requests Planning Grant funds to support a two-month planning period to decide on scheduling, programming formats, and other details for a major conference in Charleston, SC about racial understanding and the legacy of slavery. The conference will be based on a book edited by author and scholar Herb Frazier titled “UKWELI: Searching for Healing Truth.” The proposed conference will take place either in November 2022 or February 2023, and the planning period will determine the exact timing, schedule, location, partners, program content, evaluation measures, etc.

Sponsoring Organization: Oconee Military Museum at Patriots Hall
Project Title: ‘Women Veterans Day’ Recognition
Project Director: Sherrie M. Ross
Awarded: $500; Cost-share: $500
The Oconee Military Museum will present a Women Veterans Day program on June 11. The program will feature a speaker, Rita Torner (Retired Lt. Col.) sharing personal experiences and talking about the history of women in the military. Each female veteran will be honored and given a token of appreciation. There will be a display of videos, pictures, and stories of female veterans.

Sponsoring Organization: Coastal Discovery Museum
Project Title: Gullah Landscapes of Honey Horn and Graham Plantations
Project Director: Rex Garniewicz
Awarded: $2,000; Cost-share: $7,000
The Coastal Discovery Museum will undertake an archaeological project as the first phase of an effort to learn more about the history of African Americans who lived on Honey Horn and Graham Plantations after emancipation. There will be two weeks of fieldwork and six weeks of lab work and artifact processing led by Dr. Terrance Weik and Dr. Eric Jones of the University of South Carolina, as well as undergraduate and graduate students. The results of the archaeology project and research will be interpreted by museum staff and integrated into museum programming, tours, and exhibits.

Sponsoring Organization: Baptist Educational & Missionary Convention of South Carolina
Project Title: Our Faith Stories from the Church Balcony
Project Director: Dr. Donald Greene
Outright Requested: $2,000; Cost-share: $2,500
The Baptist Educational & Missionary Convention of South Carolina will conduct archival research and create an outline/structure for a proposed documentary about the history of the Black Baptist church in South Carolina, starting with the Charleston First Baptist Church during slavery, when black church-goers were restricted to the balcony. The finished documentary will be shared with Black Baptist congregations in South Carolina, HBCUs (especially Benedict and Morris, which have connections to the Baptist church), museums, and SCETV, among others.


Fast Track Literary Grants 

Sponsoring Organization: Aiken Center for the Arts
Project Title: Aiken Center for the Arts Author in Residence Program with Dr. Curry and Aiken County Public Schools
Project Director: Caroline Gwin
Awarded: $3,000; Cost-share: $4,165
The Aiken Center for the Arts will coordinate a series of “Author In Residence” programs featuring historian and author Dr. Walter Curry and his two books The Thompson Family: Untold Stories from the Past and The Awakening: The Seawright-Ellison Family Saga, Volume 1, a Narrative History. The books feature Aiken County history. Each participating school will purchase copies of the books to be used by the students and will have two engagement opportunities with the author. Currently, Schofield Middle School and Kennedy Middle School are confirmed for author residencies starting in January. Three additional middle schools will be considered for the program.

Sponsoring Organization: Georgetown County Library
Project Title: Litchfield Tea and Poetry Series
Project Director: Trudy Bazemore
Awarded: $3,000; Cost-share: $3,430
The Georgetown County Library will present the sixteenth season of the Litchfield Tea and Poetry Series, featuring poets on January 20, February 17, March 17, and April 21 (third Thursdays). The seven featured poets are Ashley M. Jones, Elizabeth Robin, Marlanda Dekine, Palmer Smith, J. Drew Lanham, and Glenis Redmond. The programs are free and open to the public, and they are hoping to have them in-person, pending the COVID situation.

Sponsoring Organization: Arts Council of York County
Project Title: One Word Poetry Festival
Project Director: Angelo Geter
Awarded: $2,200; Cost-share: $3,000
The Arts Council of York County will host their second annual “One Word Poetry Festival” on March 30 – April 3, 2022. The event will include poetry workshops for various ages and backgrounds, readings, a poetry slam, open mics, and a poetry brunch featuring a nationally-recognized poet.

Sponsoring Organization: The Lowcountry Writing Project (The Citadel)
Project Title: 2022 Invitational Summer Institute
Project Director: Lindsey Spring
Awarded: $2,500; Cost-share: $11,532
The Citadel’s Lowcountry Writing Project will host its fourth “Invitational Summer Institute” for up to 15 Lowcountry teachers to receive professional development in teaching writing skills to their students. The three-week Institute will take place from June 13 – July 1, 2022 and will include a week for a Young Writers Camp reaching up to 50 students from Title 1 elementary schools in downtown Charleston.

For more information about the Grants Program or any of SC Humanities’ funded projects, please contact Theresa (T.J.) Wallace, the Assistant Director, at 803-771-2477.