South Carolina:
The Food We Celebrate

Developed by the South Carolina State Museum and South Carolina Humanities, South Carolina: The Food We Celebrate is a new traveling exhibit that celebrates iconic foods from communities around South Carolina. The State Museum and South Carolina Humanities collaborated with 22 organizations across the Palmetto State to develop the content for the exhibit, highlighting 20 different iconic foodways such as BBQ, chicken bog, peaches and more.

About the Exhibit

South Carolina: The Food We Celebrate tells the story of selected foodways popular in South Carolina and how they are saluted and shared. Did you know that the World Grits Festival takes place annually in April in St. George, SC? (And have you heard of the event “Rollin’ in the Grits”?) Do you know the difference between chicken bog and pileau? Do you know which South Carolina community is celebrated for its pumpkins? (Hint: the word pumpkin is in the name!) You can find out the answers to all of the questions and many more in South Carolina: The Food We Celebrate.

The exhibit debuted at the 150th anniversary of the South Carolina State Fair (October 9 – 20, 2019) and is now traveling the state, allowing everyone the opportunity to serve up this exhibition banquet of South Carolina community cuisine.

April 2022
May-June 2022
August 2022 - February 2023
Colleton Museum & Farmers Market
Marion County Museum
Morris Center for Lowcountry Heritage

South Carolina: The Food We Celebrate is part of the SC State Museum’s Traveling Exhibit Program, which provides museums, art centers, universities and other institutions with high quality, affordable traveling exhibitions. These special exhibits provide a variety of fascinating shows for institutions of any size, from large exhibitions designed for major museums to smaller, South Carolina-specific exhibits for local museums, galleries, libraries, schools and more. Learn more.