Speakers Bureau Application

To host a Speakers Bureau: Humanities Out Loud program, please complete and submit the one-page application. The application should be submitted four weeks in advance of the desired program date.

Please return the application to SC Humanities office:

Fill out the online application below


Download the application and

Fax: 803-771-2487

Mail: PO Box 5287 • Columbia SC 29250

Download the Application as PDF

Application Instructions


  • Choose your program. Select a speaker and topic. Choose a few alternates as well, bearing in mind that not all speakers are available at all times.
  • Call SC Humanities at 803-771-2477 for the speaker’s contact information.
  • Make arrangements with the speaker. You must confirm with the speaker about their availability for your program date BEFORE submitting an application.
  • When you contact the speaker, be prepared to agree upon specifics: date, time, venue, topic, and—when appropriate—meals, travel, and lodging. SC Humanities will pay the speaker a $350 honorarium: the sponsoring organization is responsible for any other cash expenses.
  • Complete and submit Speakers Bureau: Humanities Out Loud Application Form.
  • SC Humanities requires at least a $350 cost-share for each Speakers Bureau program. The cost-share can be entirely in-kind (donated time, space, and goods). Many groups find that just the staff time needed to plan and implement the program is worth more than $350.
  • The application must be received by SC Humanities no later than four weeks prior to the date of the program. If you have any questions about the form or about estimating cost share, please feel free to contact us.


  • Expect a response in approximately two weeks.
  • Awards are based on availability of funds, potential audience, and evaluations of previous programs. Also, sponsoring organizations are eligible for two speakers per year, and each speaker is limited to eight presentations per year, both of which will factor into the application valuation and approval.
  • Approved applications will receive an award packet.
  • Your award packet will contain an award letter, evaluation forms, and publicity materials. The speaker will receive a separate letter of confirmation and a program evaluation form. Payment of honorarium is made directly to the speaker by SC Humanities.


  • Organize well and make all necessary arrangements.
  • Be sure to contact the speaker to confirm dates and times, obtain any necessary audio/visual equipment, make room reservations, and coordinate volunteer or staff help for the event.
  • Publicize your event.
  • To attract the biggest audience possible, start by utilizing traditional methods such as brightly-colored flyers distributed throughout your community, press releases for local media outlets and organizational/community newsletters, and word-of-mouth advertising through staff and colleagues. You should also investigate localized Internet promotions, such as community-based Web sites, events calendars posted by local media, and public library sites. 
  • Acknowledge SC Humanities. Remember to acknowledge the support of SC Humanities in all publicity and promotional materials. Our logo can be found here: https://schumanities.org/pressroom/mediakits/


  • Acknowledge SC Humanities. Please be sure to acknowledge SC Humanities support when the speaker is announced.
  • Complete evaluation forms. Please complete and return all project forms by the date specified in your award letter. If you have any questions about the forms, feel free to contact SC Humanities.

Speakers Bureau Online Application

  • About the Organization

  • Must be non-profit
  • About the Speaker & Program

  • PLEASE NOTE: the applicant must contact the speaker directly to confirm their interest and availability for the program and date BEFORE submitting this application. Please contact the office at 803-771-2477 or email tjwallace@schumanities.org to get contact information for the speaker.
  • SC Humanities must receive this form at least 4 weeks prior to the program date.
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  • Cost-Share

    Your cost-share amount will consist of the cost incurred by the sponsoring organization in presenting the program. It may include in-kind contributions of donated time, cost of promotion, refreshments, rental space, telephone, and supplies and/or actual money spent on the program. The total cost-share MUST equal at least $350. Staff and volunteer time in planning and implementing the program can often equal more than $350.