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Student Scholarships

Scholarship Eligibility

South Carolina Humanities seeks to encourage students to explore humanities fields as they pursue their academic careers.  The humanities invite us to enrich our minds.  They foster the development of cultural understanding, diverse perspectives, and appreciation for our shared past.  The humanities lift our spirits and foster engagement in our communities and the world.

Undergraduate & graduate

SC Humanities will offer an annual scholarship for one undergraduate and one graduate student who have declared a major or are enrolled in a Master's degree program in the humanities.

Humanities Disciplines

The humanities include history, philosophy and ethics, literature, linguistics, languages, jurisprudence, cultural anthropology, archaeology, comparative religions, art history and/or criticism, folklore, or interdisciplinary scholarship in these areas. 


Scholarships are paid in a lump sum as a stipend to the student.  A scholarship recipient may utilize the funds toward tuition; the purchase of books, research materials, specialty software, or supplies; travel for research or presentations; or other purposes in the pursuit of a humanities major, as determined by consultation with the faculty mentor/advisor.

How to Apply

One digital copy is due to SC Humanities prior to 5:00 p.m. on the day of the deadline. (This is a firm and not a post-marked deadline.) Email to:

Undergraduate Student Scholarship

Graduate Student Scholarship


Contact T.J. Wallace at, 803-771-2477.