Institutional Friends

Institutions such as colleges and universities understand that liberal arts are important for students to develop their professional capabilities. By supporting SC Humanities, institutions’ outreach expands into the community, allowing both the university and the public to benefit.

Principal Sponsor ($1,000 and up)

Claflin University, Henry Tisdale, President; Orangeburg
University of South Carolina, College of Arts and Sciences, Lacy Ford, Dean; Columbia

Sponsor ($500-$999)

Coastal Carolina University, Edwards College of Humanities and Fine Arts, Daniel J. Ennis, Dean; Conway

Benefactor ($100-$249)

Associate ($25 – $99)

Columbia College, Honors College, John Zubizaretta, Dean; Columbia

Institutions are invited to join the Friends of SC Humanities. Institutional Members of our Friends group receive up to 3 copies of the South Carolina Encyclopedia, depending on the level of membership.

Institutional Friend of SC Humanities Form

Or join online through this secure link: Become an Institutional Friend!

Or call the office to find out more about joining as an Institutional Friend: 803-771-2477.