Snow Wolf to perform the Native American Flute at the Horry County Museum

The Horry County Museum presents a free Native American Flute concert by Snow Wolf on Saturday, October 15th, at 1:00 PM. Those attending will experience the healing sounds of the Native American Flute and the Lore around this legendary instrument. Snow Wolf is a Native American style Flute Musician of Shoshone and Mohawk descent. Originally from Idaho, he spent much of his childhood in South Carolina and New Mexico. His love for the sounds of Native American Flute music began early in life. While living in New Mexico he spent much of his time in the desert visiting historical places and learning the lore of nearby tribes, most notably the stories of the Kokopelli (the traveling flute player). Many years passed before the instrument came to him in a very old traditional way. Soon after, he set out on the road as a truck driver and taught himself to play the instrument. Along his travels, he met others who also shared his passion for the Native American Flute.
Snow Wolf has released 4 full length concept albums telling his own story of the life of a traveling flute player set several hundred years in the past. He has also been featured in the song “Trail of Tears” by Tennessee Outlaw Country.
The concert will be held in the Museum’s McCown Auditorium located at 805 Main Street, Conway, SC 29526. For more information, call 843-915-5320 or email For more information about programs for 2022, visit the museum website at