SC Humanities Announces New Themed Grant Opportunity

South Carolina Humanities has launched a new statewide Request for Proposals (RFP) titled “Innovation and the Humanities: Shining a Cultural Light on Technology and Change.” Applications could address this theme from a variety of angles, from social innovation to technological innovation.

SC Humanities has periodically issued themed Requests for Proposals over the years, including “Religion in South Carolina,” “This is Not Your Grandparents’ South Carolina: The Changing Face of the Palmetto State,” “Know Your History, Community, Family,” “The Common Good,” “Hometown Humanities,” “SC: Food for Thought,” and most recently “SCH@50: Remembering the Past, Reimagining the Future SC Humanities” in 2022.

For “Innovation and the Humanities,” SC Humanities will look favorably at proposals that use the humanities (history; literature; languages; linguistics; philosophy; ethics; comparative religion; anthropology; historical, critical and theoretical approaches to the arts) to think creatively about the history of or contemporary experience of innovation in South Carolina and that encourage thoughtful dialogue and interaction among participants.

Dr. Randy Akers, Executive Director of SC Humanities for 36 years, said, “Invention and innovation are key components of human history. Technology, development, and COVID-19 have changed South Carolina. What do our families, communities, and institutions look like in the future? What has innovation looked like in South Carolina over the years, and how can it assist our communities moving forward? SC Humanities hopes organizations will create programs that will use a humanities lens to look thoughtfully at the many opportunities and challenges that innovation can bring.”

Applications responding to “Innovation and the Humanities: Shining a Cultural Light on Technology and Change” will be accepted during the next Major Grant deadline on Wednesday, January 10, 2024. Awards will be in the $2,000 to $15,000 range.

The full RFP, grant guidelines, and application for  “Innovation and the Humanities: Shining a Cultural Light on Technology and Change” are available on SC Humanities website at Contact T.J. Wallace, Assistant Director, for more information, or 803-771-2477.