SC Humanities Announces New Themed Request for Proposals on Food

In an effort to examine and celebrate the ways food helps to define South Carolina’s culture and history, SC Humanities has launched a new statewide Request for Proposals (RFP) titled “South Carolina: Food for Thought”

SC Humanities seeks proposals from interested nonprofit organizations or institutions designed to highlight South Carolina food culture and engage audiences in discussions about deeper issues that are food-related. .

SC Humanities has periodically issued themed Requests for Proposals over the years, including “Religion in South Carolina,” “This is Not Your Grandparents’ South Carolina: The Changing Face of the Palmetto State,” “Know Your History, Community, Family,” “The Common Good,” and most recently “Hometown Humanities” in 2018.

South Carolina Humanities is particularly focusing on food in 2020 to go along with the launch of our special traveling exhibit project South Carolina: The Food We Celebrate, offered in partnership with the South Carolina State Museum. SC Humanities will look favorably at proposals that use the humanities (history; literature; languages; linguistics; philosophy; ethics; comparative religion; anthropology; historical, critical and theoretical approaches to the arts) to think creatively about food in South Carolina and that encourage thoughtful dialogue and interaction among participants.

Randy Akers, Executive Director of SC Humanities, says: “Food is one of those things that can bring diverse people together.  Regardless of race, religion, or political background, we can all congregate at a family table or a community festival and enjoy a common experience.  From the hands that plant the crops to the hands that serve the meals, there is a sense of care and purpose and the sense that you are doing something significant for another. We hope this RFP will allow South Carolinians to enjoy exploring the traditions and creating programs around food in South Carolina.”

Applications responding to “SC: Food for Thought will be accepted during the next Major Grant deadlines on Wednesday, January 15, 2020 and will be in the normal competitive pool for grant review. Awards will be in the $2,000 to $8,000 range.

The full RFP, grant guidelines, and application for “SC: Food for Thought” are available on SC Humanities website at Contact Theresa J. Wallace, Assistant Director, for more information, or 803-771-2477.