Future Status of Intercollegiate Athletics

Intercollegiate athletics have long been considered an integral part of the college experience, but recent changes raise serious questions about the future, both for institutions and for student athletes. Olin Sansbury was a university chancellor for twenty years and served three years on the NCAA Presidents Commission. He examines the changes and their impact in … Read more

The History of Equality and Accessibility in Public Education

Dr. Pinheiro, Jr. will discuss how various issues (surrounding race, gender, and class) have had a profound impact on public education throughout American history. The presentation highlights a number of historical moments where different historically marginalized groups routinely fought against discriminatory policies and actions that meant privilege public education to a segment of society. Additionally, … Read more

Can Nature Knowledge Save the World?

What are the implications of Videophilia and Nature Deficit Disorder for the future of our world? Studies of children and South Carolina college students reveal the relationships between knowing nature, knowing the names of plants, human health, and conservation of biodiversity.

The Importance of Diverse Children’s Literature

In this program, Dr. Tolson discusses the diverse children’s literature that should be included in every library, classroom, and home. She explains the movement of diversity in the field of publishing children’s literature and the authors and illustrators that have made a powerful change.

The History of Black Children’s Literature

This presentation begins with late 19th century Negro children’s literature to the evolution of the present-day Black children’s literature and features a colorful Power Point.