Women and the American Revolution

The story of the American Revolution is usually told as a male story with women as passive, domestic figures. Yet women played varied and complicated roles that were essential to the Patriot war effort. This talk explores the ways that women played roles on the political front, the homefront, and the battlefront of the American … Read more

Cherokees in the Revolutionary Era: Diplomacy, Conflict, and Peace

Exploring the worldview of the Cherokees provides insights into the events that occur as colonists of South Carolina begin to discuss grievances with the rule of Great Britain. Experiences in the French and Indian War (1754-63) had affected Cherokee diplomacy and their alliances.  As some colonists begin to fight for their independence, some Cherokee leaders … Read more

George Washington’s 1791 Tour of the South: Where He Went and What He Drank

George Washington promised to visit every state in the new union during his presidency, and in the spring 1791 he set off from his Mount Vernon, Virginia home and traveled all the way to Savannah, Georgia and back. In researching his journey for her book “Methodists and Moonshiners,” Smith followed the president’s tour, investigating not … Read more

The Cherokee Trail of Tears

The Cherokee Trail of Tears story is one of political discord and ensuing tragedy as Cherokees faced removal from their homeland in the 1830s.  However, the story begins with wars between South Carolina and the Cherokee Lower Towns in the 1700s.  By examining the viewpoints of the Cherokee, the early British colonists, and then the … Read more

Brethren of Spade & Pruning Knife: The Naturalists & the Carolinas

This presentation tells a story of international trade, natural history, and science from the days of exploration & colonization. This was a time of transfer, the movement of people, animals and plants; it is the Age of the Natural Historians who looked around the world and tried to understand what they saw. Carolina has an … Read more

The Surprising Story of Charleston and the Carolina LowCountry

Bringing a conference or organization to Charleston? Introduce our city and the Carolina LowCountry with this entertaining, educational talk. Ruth Miller’s program is not “What to see and do,” but rather, sets the historic scene, making your stay here both interesting and worthwhile. The presentation ties over 350 years of local history into the American … Read more