Indian Gardens

Indian Gardens Presented by Gail Wagner. You might be surprised to learn that corn, beans, and squash were not always important and that eastern North American Indians once depended on the now-extinct crops of marshelder, goosefoot, and maygrass. Learn about Indian gardens through time, find out how plants were domesticated, and discover the role of … Read more

Use of Plants by American Indians

Use of Plants by American Indians Presented by Gail Wagner. This slide show focuses on the uses of plants by Indians for food, drink, medicine, fiber, smoking, construction, and even poison and is based on both archaeological evidence and historic accounts. The show can also be combined with a 1-2 hour outside walk and talk … Read more

Colonial Encounters

Colonial Encounters Presented by Gail Wagner. What happens to people’s diets when two worlds collide? Find out how life changed for the Indians in South Carolina following European exploration and settlement 1520-1730. Why were some crops adopted, and how did the encounter change the Europeans? Click here for the Speakers Bureau Application.

What is a Vegetable?

What is a Vegetable? Presented by Gail Wagner. Wait a minute – don’t we all know what is a vegetable? Or do we? Discover what we’ve learned from over 600 interviews. Do we agree on a definition of vegetable, and do we agree on which foods are vegetables? The answers will surprise you. Click here … Read more

Baptists and Bootleggers: Prohibition in the South

Baptists and Bootleggers: Prohibition in the South Presented by Kathryn Smith. Many years before the production and sale of alcohol was banned in the United States by the Eighteenth Amendment, the forces of temperance waged political warfare with the purveyors of alcohol. Most Southern states went dry long before the rest of the country did, … Read more

Cooking up Poetry: Writing recipe poems

Cooking up Poetry: Writing recipe poems Presented by Kimberly Simms.  (K-12 OR Adults)In this delicious workshop, poet and educator Kimberly Simms will lead attendees in writing their own “recipe” style poems. Attendees will also discuss several sample poems to help them explore ideas about food and life. The workshop includes a structured poetic form and … Read more

Silas Butts: The Legacy of a Moonshiner

Silas Butts: The Legacy of a Moonshiner Presented by Nicholas Gambrell. This lecture looks at the interesting concept of history vs. memory using the microhistory of one man’s legacy. Silas Butts was a moonshiner in Oconee County who also ran a grist mill and an unofficial orphanage. But people remember him differently- either as a … Read more