Cherokees in the Revolutionary Era: Diplomacy, Conflict, and Peace

Exploring the worldview of the Cherokees provides insights into the events that occur as colonists of South Carolina begin to discuss grievances with the rule of Great Britain. Experiences in the French and Indian War (1754-63) had affected Cherokee diplomacy and their alliances.  As some colonists begin to fight for their independence, some Cherokee leaders … Read more

The Cherokee Trail of Tears

The Cherokee Trail of Tears story is one of political discord and ensuing tragedy as Cherokees faced removal from their homeland in the 1830s.  However, the story begins with wars between South Carolina and the Cherokee Lower Towns in the 1700s.  By examining the viewpoints of the Cherokee, the early British colonists, and then the … Read more

Indian Gardens

You might be surprised to learn that corn, beans, and squash were not always important and that eastern North American Indians once depended on the now-extinct crops of marshelder, goosefoot, and maygrass. Learn about Indian gardens through time, find out how plants were domesticated, and discover the role of women in the domestication process.

Use of Plants by American Indians

This slide show focuses on the uses of plants by Indians for food, drink, medicine, fiber, smoking, construction, and even poison and is based on both archaeological evidence and historic accounts. The show can also be combined with a 1-2 hour outside walk and talk to examine local plants, or we can do a walk … Read more

Colonial Encounters

What happens to people’s diets when two worlds collide? Find out how life changed for the Indians in South Carolina following European exploration and settlement 1520-1730. Why were some crops adopted, and how did the encounter change the Europeans?

Cofitachequi: A Chiefdom

What is a chiefdom, the type of society encountered by de Soto when he visited South Carolina in 1540? Find out what recent digs have revealed about the late prehistoric Indians who lived in central South Carolina, in the vicinity of Camden.

Cherokee Crossings: The Ridge Family and Cultural Change

As European colonists struggled to create a new nation in the late 1700s, Cherokee families dealt with intrusions into their territory, adaptation to new trade goods that changed their lifestyles, and shifting gender responsibilities and political power.  Then they faced having to leave their homes for western territory.  Cultural change can bring hardship and heartbreak, … Read more

Cherokee Women—Invincible Spirits

An exploration of the lives of Cherokee women from the time before Europeans arrived in the Americas to the twenty-first century.  Using Cherokee myths, visual images, and artifacts crafted by the hands of Cherokee women, the speaker will weave a story of some of the most powerful women who have walked the earth.  Their bravery, … Read more

Helping Teach South Carolina History With Picture Books

Kate has written four picture books about our state’s history: Palmetto – Symbol of Courage, about the famous Revolutionary War battle that inspired the color and symbols on our beautiful state flag; Francis Marion and the Legend of the Swamp Fox, the story of South Carolina’s most famous Revolutionary War hero; Almost Invisible – Black Patriots of the … Read more