How To Collect Your Community Stories

This presentation focuses on Oral History and its value to a community. Dr. Williams will share stories from two projects which he directed: the Appalachian Oral History Project and the Great Smoky Mountains Project. In the late 1970s Dr. Williams was one of the campus directors for an oral history project which covered four states … Read more

Paths to Publishing

Do I need a literary agent? Should I self-publish? How much do I need to know about marketing? Publishing now resembles a matrix of independent, hybrid, and traditional paths complicated by full-service, partial-service, and no-service options. This workshop is for aspiring authors wondering what options are available to get their work in front of readers. … Read more

How to Publish Your Own Book

Kate and Jim started Warbranch Press when self-publishing was an almost unheard of idea. Now, print-on-demand is a widely used process, and options are available for publishing services from many sources. Jim and Kate have given workshops on self-publishing as an alternative to conventional publishing, emphasizing that producing a quality product and marketing it successfully … Read more

Why Not Me? The Story Behind Creating and Publishing An Eclipse and a Butcher

Humphries wrote extensively during her career, but as her career progressed, so did retinitis pigmentosa, a genetic disorder causing loss of peripheral vision. In 2012, she learned to write poetry in community classes, then graduate poetry classes at UofSC, studying under poets such as Nikky Finney and Ed Madden, who would later become the editor … Read more

Never Thought I’d Be a Writer

How a bribe led to a book deal. Hope Clark always wrote but never thought that writing could be a career. But after being offered a bribe, and finding herself in the midst of a federal investigation, she quickly realized that life made for great fiction. In a journey of starts, stops, and ample rejection, … Read more

Too Shy to Write

Most writers are introverts, meaning they not only find it difficult to take their ideas from thought to paper, but they fear submitting, publishing, and speaking. Using tricks and tools from her book The Shy Writer Reborn, C. Hope Clark walks potential writers through the landmines of writing and publishing so that their dreams of being … Read more