Twenty-First Century South Carolina’s Economic Dilemma

Despite the significant increase in South Carolina’s per capita income over the decades since 1940 (and those gains were real and generated a more vigorous consumer economy), the Palmetto state’s standing among states remained in the bottom ten of among fifty. In 2021, despite the state’s aggressive and sustained development efforts, SC ranked 43th in per … Read more

Differences between Vietnam War and Ukraine Conflict

More than sixty years have transpired between US involvement in the Vietnam War and our current engagement in the Ukraine. There are similarities in the circumstances that have led us to oppose Russian aggression in the heart of Europe, but there are also some significant differences. Olin Sansbury examines those similarities and differences and identifies … Read more

Future Status of Intercollegiate Athletics

Intercollegiate athletics have long been considered an integral part of the college experience, but recent changes raise serious questions about the future, both for institutions and for student athletes. Olin Sansbury was a university chancellor for twenty years and served three years on the NCAA Presidents Commission. He examines the changes and their impact in … Read more

American Politics in Fiction

Since even before America became an independent country, novelists have used their storytelling skills to help us understand our system of governance and our relationships with one another—sometimes with humor, sometimes with irony. Political novels have advocated causes or ideas, have recorded successes and issued warnings. They have revealed our flaws and trumpeted our strengths. … Read more

Covert Actions in US Foreign Policy

Covert Action is “an activity or activities of the US government to influence political, economic, or military conditions abroad, where it is intended that the role of the US government will not be apparent or acknowledged publicly.” Such actions have been taken frequently in modern American history and not always successfully. Olin Sansbury examines some … Read more

Gun Violence in America

The complexities of America’s attitude towards firearms is examined from the viewpoint of its impact on US politics and public safety. Olin Sansbury reviews the history of the Second Amendment and compares America’s approach to firearms to that of other nations in today’s world. Presentation of 30-45 minutes with Power Point aids. Group discussion invited.