A Sincere Thank You

Thank you South Carolina Congressional Delegation:

On behalf of South Carolina Humanities, I would like to thank our members of Congress, in the House and in the Senate, for having the vision to include monies for the preservation and maintenance of cultural organizations in South Carolina through the CARES Act Funding.  

Libraries, museums, historical societies, and cultural non-profit organizations are at the heart of our communities.  They do play a vital part in our local economies and are a significant part of the important tourism industry in our state. They provide jobs for qualified individuals, and they also provide educational and other learning opportunities that enhance the quality of life in our state. Cultural events build community cohesion and pride.

Thank you, members of the South Carolina delegation, for providing funds to help those groups struggling to survive in our state. Thank you for allowing South Carolina Humanities to be a conduit for disbursing funds to build the future of our state. 


Randy Akers

Executive Director