History of McCormick County Published

McCormick the Place by Bobby F. Edmonds presents the history of McCormick County, SC from the antebellum era through post-WWII. The book includes many photographs and newspaper articles that were collected as part of a community-wide partnership and history harvest called "Partnering for Publishing McCormick County History." SC Humanities supported this effort through two small grants in 2007 and 2008.

McCormick the Place includes elements of social, cultural, and economic history. Photographs of old schools, buildings, residents, and events and a collection of dramatic newspaper excerpts of events help tell the history with more immediacy.

"Partnering for Publishing McCormick County History" was a unique project that involved members of the McCormick County community in sharing memories and memorbilia about McCormick County history. Students in McCormick County schools also benefited from a mini-course in McCormick County history that was developed alongside the text of the book.

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