Poland & Clark—The 50-50 Expeditions

50 Years of South Carolina in Images & Stories Robert Clark launched his photography career in 1974. Tom Poland moved to South Carolina in 1974 to write and teach. Poland and Clark met at South Carolina Wildlife magazine and their journey in words and images began. Their seminal feature, “Tenant Homes—Testament To Hard Times,” charted … Read more

The Cleveland School Fire

NEW TOPIC! In 1923, on the last day in this two-story wooden school, people packed the house for the school play. In the third act, an oil lantern fell to the floor. Everything caught fire. Relatives threw children out windows, slid others down outer walls. The seventy-seven souls who perished—only thirteen recognizable—were laid to rest in … Read more

The Role of Political Primaries, Their History and Their Future

Primaries have been a significant factor in American politics for a good many years. They are in fact a uniquely American electoral institution, born in the Progressive Era. The role of primaries has changed to some degree in recent years as the public searches for ways to make politicians more responsive to their constituency. 

The History of Black Baseball

As great as Jackie Robinson was, he was not the first American Black Baseball Player. This presentation will show the ways baseball has reflected the role of African Americans in baseball especially beginning in the 19th century, followed by the Jim Crow and Civil Rights Era where Jackie Robinson, Larry Doby and so many other … Read more

Baseball and the American Dream

Baseball played a large role in the assimilation of 20th century immigrants to the United States, including the Speaker’s family.  Come discuss the way immigrants have used Baseball in becoming American. Bring your own family stories and learn from others. This multi-media presentation includes power-point slides, video, and music and even the swing of a … Read more

The Origin of Baseball (It’s Not Cooperstown?)

The origin of baseball as America’s pastime has long been pondered. As it turns out baseball has both mythical and historical origins, both of which play a big role in why baseball is so important to Americans.  This multi-media presentation includes power-point slides, video, music and even the swing of a bat!