American Politics in Fiction

American Politics in Fiction Presented by Olin Sansbury Since even before America became an independent country, novelists have used their storytelling skills to help us understand our system of governance and our relationships with one another—sometimes with humor, sometimes with irony. Political novels have advocated causes or ideas, have recorded successes and issued warnings. They … Read more

The Families’ Civil War: Black Soldiers and the Fight for Racial Justice

The Families’ Civil War: Black Soldiers and the Fight for Racial Justice Presented by Holly Pinheiro Jr. Counter to the national narrative which championed the patriotic manhood of soldiering from the Civil War through the 1920s, Dr. Pinheiro, Jr.’s research reveals that African American veterans and their families’ military experience were much more fraught. Economic … Read more

The History of Equality and Accessibility in Public Education

The History of Equality and Accessibility in Public Education Presented by Holly Pinheiro Jr. Dr. Pinheiro, Jr. will discuss how various issues (surrounding race, gender, and class) have had a profound impact on public education throughout American history. The presentation highlights a number of historical moments where different historically marginalized groups routinely fought against discriminatory … Read more


Genocide Presented by Chad Gibbs. In simple terms, genocide is the mass killing of a specific group because of who they are or because of who the killers believe they are.  In its terrible lived realities and its legal definition, genocide is so much more.  As a Holocaust historian, Dr. Gibbs speaks about the origins … Read more

World War II in Europe

World War II in Europe Presented by Chad Gibbs. Despite increasing distance in time and the passing of last witnesses and veterans, World War II still defines how Americans see themselves, how they view their own military, and how they think of their role in the world.  The war in Europe, though only part of … Read more


Nazism Presented by Chad Gibbs. What did the National Socialist German Workers Party, NSDAP, or Nazi Party actually believe?  What was the role of Adolf Hitler in shaping those views, and how did he and others at the top shape and use those ideas to lead Germany to total war and genocide?  As white nationalist … Read more

Jewish Resistance

Jewish Resistance Presented by Chad Gibbs. For all too long, focus on Holocaust history excluded real explorations of Jewish resistance to Nazi tyranny and mass murder.  The misunderstood reality is that Jews resisted Nazi actions at every turn.  From early legal challenges and protests when it seemed there was still a state to listen, to … Read more

The Holocaust

The Holocaust Presented by Chad Gibbs. Nazi Germany murdered 6 million Jews and a total of 11 million people, counting all of its chosen so-called racial enemies, from 1933 to 1945.  The German state did this with its own armed forces, the help of collaborators, and the silence of bystanders.  How did the Nazi Party … Read more