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From a Wheelchair

A fourteen-year-old fell far from a pecan tree; the family accepted the doctor’s diagnosis: Cecil Augustus Ivory would never again walk. After six months in bed, Ivory employed two cane chairs as crutches and walked again. His drive and determination led to a football scholarship, a divinity degree, a church in Rock Hill, South Carolina, founding of the Local Committee for Human Rights, a bus boycott that provided more than four years of church-sponsored, pay-what-you-can service to Black workers, founding of the Friendly Student Civic Committee, student sit-ins and picketing in 1960, and “jail, no bail” in 1961. Disabled again by his spinal injury, Ivory led nonviolent student marches from his wheelchair and invited arrest.

Let’s talk about leadership by example.

Let’s talk about leadership that inspires rather than controls.

With photos.

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