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Writing the Series

Writing the Series Presented by C. Hope Clark. Readers adore investing in characters over a series of books, and the mystery genre is ripe with such series. But what makes for an intriguing series? How does a writer keep the momentum going book after book so readers beg for more? As a reader or writer, … Read more

May 9, 2022

Too Shy to Write

Too Shy to Write Presented by C. Hope Clark. Most writers are introverts, meaning they not only find it difficult to take their ideas from thought to paper, but they fear submitting, publishing, and speaking. Using tricks and tools from her book The Shy Writer Reborn, C. Hope Clark walks potential writers through the landmines of … Read more

Never Thought I’d Be a Writer

Never Thought I’d Be a Writer Presented by C. Hope Clark. How a bribe led to a book deal. Hope Clark always wrote but never thought that writing could be a career. But after being offered a bribe, and finding herself in the midst of a federal investigation, she quickly realized that life made for … Read more

Why Edisto? Why Any Setting?

Why Edisto? Why Any Setting? Presented by C. Hope Clark. Setting matters, and Hope Clark’s Edisto Mystery Series clears the shelves of the Edisto Bookstore as fast as they appear. There’s something about the jungle setting, about crossing the McKinley Washington Bridge to that island, that makes for an intriguing, suspenseful setting for mystery. Learn … Read more

Write Your Memoir… Like It’s a Novel

Write Your Memoir… Like It’s a Novel Presented by C. Hope Clark. So many people want to write their life’s story. But where does one start, and how much is intriguing enough to engage readers? Learn how not to start when you were born, and how to identify the aspects of your history that merit … Read more

Setting as Character

Setting as Character Presented by C. Hope Clark. People love stories set in the South, and many adore the South Carolina setting. Pat Conroy, Dorothea Benton Frank, and Mary Alice Monroe have capitalized on our state in their fictional stories. What is it about South Carolina that makes for a good backdrop? What part of … Read more

History, Climate, Politics, Scandal

History, Climate, Politics, Scandal Presented by C. Hope Clark. Yes, this topic makes for an active open discussion, with more audience participation than most. Not only learn how authors utilize setting almost as character, but also learn from others what stories, especially SC stories, might be worth adding to your nightstand for future reading. Click … Read more

Emily Dickinson, Legendary Reclusive Poet

Emily Dickinson, Legendary Reclusive Poet Presented by Debra Conner. Emily Dickinson is the legendary reclusive poet from Amherst, Massachusetts.  Although virtually unknown during her lifetime, Dickinson is now considered one of the greatest poets who ever lived.  Her path to publication and her wit will surprise.  Prepare to be entertained by her views on everything … Read more

Margaret Mitchell, Author of Gone With the Wind

Margaret Mitchell, Author of Gone With the Wind Presented by Debra Conner. Margaret Mitchell was the author of Gone With the Wind, a book that has influenced the way Americans view the Civil War.  Mitchell was a reluctant celebrity and a brilliant storyteller.  Few people know that her gifts to Atlanta’s historically black college, Morehouse, still … Read more

Edith Russell, Titanic Survivor

Edith Russell, Titanic Survivor Presented by Debra Conner. Edith Russell, Titanic survivor.  Fashion designer and journalist, flamboyant Edith Russell, loved the limelight.  As a first-class passenger on the doomed ship, she required a first-class cabin for herself and a first-class cabin for her clothing.  Her vivid, first-hand accounts of the sinking are spellbinding. Click here … Read more

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